The Dude Grows Show

Month: July 2016

  • Top two reasons why you should never grow Miracle-Gro marijuana if you don’t have to.

    by Rocketboy9 Hello again my fellow cultivators, I hope everyone’s day went as planned.  Today I’m going to talk about soil again, more specifically bad soil. When I allegedly grew cannabis in Texas I made a lot of mistakes and growing Miracle-Gro marijuana was one of the bigger ones.  Today, I never use Miracle-Gro in…

  • Making Soil With Soup: Part 1, Soil Basics

    Making Soil With Soup: Part 1, Soil Basics

    Hey DGC!  I’ve heard a lot of chatter around the crew lately about making your own soil.  I’m not a college trained “soil expert” or anything like that, but I’ve been making my own mixes for a while now so I thought I’d share some of what I’ve learned.  My goal is to present what…