The Dude Grows Show

WTF is the DGC Discord?

Discord is a chat service with text, voice and video chat.  We have a Discord server where members can ask questions, talk about their grows, post pictures and hang out. 

Our discord server is divided up into text channels for different chat topics, as well as voice channels where members can hang out and chat with other DGC.  The DGC Discord is a great place to ask a question, share your knowledge, or just hang out and have fun with the crew! 

The DGC discord is a community built on respect.  Users being disrespectful or disruptive will be removed.  🙂  Please report any issues to Jmystro or Soup.

Iphone / iOS users! Please note the extra step at the bottom of this page! You must log into Discord on a NON APPLE device and change your privacy settings to enable access on apple devices.

How To Join the DGC Discord

Patreon Members

1. Create a free discord account on

2. Sign into your Patreon account at

3. From your Patreon account, you’ll see the “Connect to Discord” button under the My Membership tab. (see pics below).

4. Once your discord and Patreon accounts are linked and you have accepted the invite, the DGC discord server should show up when you log into discord.  Enjoy!

iOS users!– YOU MUST ENABLE “ALLOW ACCESS TO NSFW SERVERS” in order to view our discord on your Apple device. 

To do this you must log into discord on a PC, web browser or non-iOS device, then change the setting to allow NSFW server access as shown below.

If you are having trouble accessing the discord, please get in touch! I’d be happy to help you figure it out!
You can reach me at