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  • Freebies galore!!!!

    Freebies galore!!!!

    Hello fellow humanoids. Just felt like posting some great news. For me. Lol. Hopefully it can help you too… Took advantage of Black Friday and dropped $$$ on new seeds. Bought some packs from RAW and some from his buddy, Tiki Madman. Anyway, I think I was supposed to get 2 freebie seeds from Tiki?…

  • When people say they don’t have space to grow

    When people say they don’t have space to grow

    Share a 2br 560 sqft apt got the smaller bedroom(7×11)still managed to squeeze in the 5×5 tent 😂 fr though I’m probably gonna switch to 2 2x4s and a 2×2, won’t even need new lights. No reason I can’t split up the 6 bars between two 320w drivers got my beans popping going 12/12 from…

  • Mephisto Grow & Holding down the Spotify fort!

    Mephisto Grow & Holding down the Spotify fort!

    What is up errbody! I wanted to share my grow bucket/ grow dots grow! I’ve got a Mephisto’s Wedding and Mephisto’s Iced N’ Baked coming close to the end. I used 45g of Grow Dots in Fox Farm Coco Loco for each and they were both topped once. I’ve been using this grow style for…

  • Insulation foam board construction

    Insulation foam board construction

    Insulation, insulation insulation! Insulation foam boards are super handy to tack together to build separate rooms or smaller cloning boxes. Sometimes I don’t want a light on 24 hours in my vegetations room. But my shop is a little too chilly. So I just build a box with golf tees and foam board. just use…

  • Week 3 of flowering

    Week 3 of flowering

    15 gallon GrassRoot pots using all in BuildaSoil amendments.  Growing six plants 2 big ones are Tropicana cookies purple, middle on Apple Fritter,  blue cheese and 2 Grape Balls of Fire.