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  • Make Your Own Cannabis Seeds

    Today we’re going to talk about how to make your own cannabis seeds at home.  Making your own seeds is a fun and interesting process, and you never know what kind of exciting new stuff you’ll discover! This guide is brought to you by Dude Grows and!  Special Thanks to our Patron supporters, who…

  • Seeds or Clones? Pros and Cons

    Seeds or Clones? If you are looking to start a new grow, or bring some new genetics into an existing grow, you face a choice: seeds or clones?  Each option has pros and cons, so let’s talk about it! Start by exploring your options Not everyone has a chance to choose between starting from seeds…

  • Growing With Living Organic Soil (AKA- No-till for Noobs)

    Looking to grow some organic bud? Check out this guide to Living Organic Soil and no till gardening brought to you DudeGrows and

  • Soil Predators For Pest Control

    Soil Predators For Pest Control

    Hey crew!  Like many growers, I get fungus gnats in my grow from time to time.  I often bring bags of compost or worm castings into my grow, which means I regularly risk bringing gnats or other pests in from the outside.  I also often have bags or totes of soil or compost in storage…

  • Making Soil With Soup: Part 2, Planning, Mixing, and Cooking

    Making Soil With Soup: Part 2, Planning, Mixing, and Cooking

    Hey DGC! I’ve heard a lot of chatter around the crew lately about making your own soil. I’m not a college trained “soil expert” or anything like that, but I’ve been making my own mixes for a while now so I thought I’d share some of what I’ve learned.  My goal is to present what…