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  • Percy Green

    Percy Green

    Hola all!!! Well this time I have one of my favorite autos to grow and that is St. Louis own Percy Green by Supermutt genetics. This strain has some wild characteristics and fades nicely. Unfortunately this round I went with Gaia green since I needed to finish it off. Don’t worry Scotty I recharged weekly.…



    This is one of the 4 Mobey Dick autos from ilgm.

  • Very first indoor grow chopped!

    Very first indoor grow chopped!

    Just finished up my very first indoor grow. Chopped on day 67 of flower. 4×4 tent, 5gal fabric pots with soil, 100% organic nutrients. Top dressed with Dr Earth dry fertilizer and worm castings, supplemented some Roots Organics liquids, and brewed a compost tea weekly. Also used Recharge all through veg and early flower, added…

  • Paloma Nights Day 73

    Paloma Nights Day 73

    Going to cut these ladies down in the morning.  3 phenos were more purple (I know how the Dude likes the purple flowers) and 2 were more of a greenish tint with hints of purple.  Easy grow in Promix with New Mill nutes.  First full grow under my LED light.  Find me at the Cup/VIP…

  • The Cherry Real 🍒

    The Cherry Real 🍒

    The Cherry Real is the daughter of the (dare I say) legendary JRs Cut of Cherry Paloma. Paternity is undetermined… Coco coir, perlite, and RealGrowers Grow Dots and Recharge is what got this girl to this point. In a 1 gallon nursery pot. A week from harvest and she’s getting super frosty. I can’t wait for…