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    This is my first successful grow ! 4 buckets DWC. with New Millenium Nutrients. Grown under a Photontek 600 PRO. Seeds from Exotic Genetix. 2 Gary Poppins,2 Plasma Gas. Details of my experience… I started my first grow in the summer of 2021. They were auto flower seeds I obtained from a not so great…

  • Slurossa -THC Nomads

    Slurossa -THC Nomads

    (Sluricane X Mimosa) -Slurossa While cleaning my garden in the beginning of the season, this little seedling was peaking through my garden soil.  So I kept it alive. I Grew this plant outdoor this summer season. Dumped a bag of compost and a couple handfuls of Grow Dots. Mixed it all up and let her…

  • Second Harvest Coming Soon

    Second Harvest Coming Soon

    Hey guys, I just wanted to give y’all a peep at my 2.5×2.5, my second run ever. Second Harvest Coming Soon, Thanks to my DGC! I love you guys. Like an actual Grow Bro Love lol. I think I’m closing in on harvest. I’ve only grown autos so far. I’ve been feeding RX Green Technologies Gran…

  • Close to harvest

    Close to harvest

    Just a couple days away from chop. Trying 18-6 for the finish.

  • Pineapple muffin (HSC) & Humboldt snow (HCSI)

    Pineapple muffin (HSC) & Humboldt snow (HCSI)

    I’ve always had trouble posting so if this works on the first try I’ll be super stoked. Thanks DGC!