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Category: Dank Nugs

  • Sage Jilly

    Sage Jilly

    She’s coming down next week. The results of some impromptu pollen chuckin. Sage with Jillybean Grape. It’s a crazy spicy fruit flavor. There’s a week when it’s close to harvest that the terps make me almost nauseous. I came close to throwing the first one I grew away. That would have left the jar short,…

  • Durban Poison

    Durban Poison

    Looking good together.

  • Nuketown by Irie Genetics

    Nuketown by Irie Genetics

    This is Nuketown By Irie Genetics right before I cut her down. Grown in coco with grow dots and recharge only! It smells like a classic weed with burnt rubber, and old dried soda you spilled in your car, but with a rankness. You know Classic weed smell. She went 67 Days and was a…

  • Payton Pie Raw Genitics

    Payton Pie Raw Genitics

    Day 69 flower grown in 3gal coco , Gaia green , recharge weekly , fish shit,  topped once . Has a sweet smell with skunk under notes just a easy grow.

  • Sour Glazed Donuts

    Sour Glazed Donuts

    This was made with a mystery bag seed of sour diesel from the free market, then crossed with glazed donuts. it’s so cool to take two cool strains and put them together and see what they make. And then you also get genetics for the future when you want to do them again. Making feminized…