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Category: Dank Nugs

  • Banana Clipz by sol fire gardens

    Banana Clipz by sol fire gardens

    Grown in 2×4 ac infinity tent kit 200 watt ion board 5 gal pots happy frog soil from fox farm FOOP bottled nutes recharge and winter frost LST SCROG about to hang dry up after I flush with distilled water until ec reads low she smells like candy fruit love the DGC and High leee…

  • Cherry Paloma Canada Wide!!

    Cherry Paloma Canada Wide!!

    This is a cut of cherry Paloma sent in the mail by another amazing DGC Crew member, can’t wait to taste this sugar treat!! Grow Dots and Recharge only on this round, thx dude for the hook ups!!

  • Solfire Gardens FX3

    Solfire Gardens FX3

    FX3 from Solfire Gardens, grown in Coco, Grow Dots and Recharge… with a top dressing of roots organic bloom booster in flower!

  • Chemical Cocktail by Irie Genetics

    Chemical Cocktail by Irie Genetics

    Grown in Mother Earth coco peat with Grow Dots and Recharge. Also added a little Build a Soil top dress, and the occasional fish emulsion.

  • Sage n Sour

    Sage n Sour

    This pretty girl is my Sage n Sour cut I picked as a keeper. She is only at day 48 and is already a looker. Smells like mangos and kinda an onion funk to it. The mangos is why I kept her. Grown in a 3 gal with 25 grams of grow dots. Recharge and…