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Very first indoor grow chopped!

Just finished up my very first indoor grow. Chopped on day 67 of flower. 4×4 tent, 5gal fabric pots with soil, 100% organic nutrients. Top dressed with Dr Earth dry fertilizer and worm castings, supplemented some Roots Organics liquids, and brewed a compost tea weekly. Also used Recharge all through veg and early flower, added Hi-brix in mid flower. Light is an Optic Led Slim 600H NextGen 630W. Did well keeping VPD on point from start to finish. Three different strains, all cuts from a close friend. First pic is Santa Cruz cut of Blue Dream, next two pics are Cherry Runtz (Tiki Madman cut), and last is Parfait from Umami Seed company. Can’t wait to start my second run, just need to wait for these to finish drying so my tent will be free’d back up. Making the switch to Octopot’s and salt based nutes with Promix, super excited!


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