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  • If this is bad, why does it turn out so good?

    If this is bad, why does it turn out so good?

    So when you look at this plant matter that is directly under a bear HPS lightbulb, looks pissed, right? You’re gonna tell me that too much like too much heat too much  wind. I would have to agree. But then I would have to think of what actually happens in reality. These angry spots are…

  • Different Leaves

    Different Leaves

    Plants are from same mother but look way different maybe because it was pollinated by a hermaphrodite female?

  • Nitrogen Toxicity?

    Nitrogen Toxicity?

    Allow me to explain… I popped two seeds and sent clippings off for sex testing. While waiting, I prepped my 5 gal buckets with 75 grams of Grow Dots in the media and put the buckets in my sip bucket system. I water from the bottom like the Real Buckets. The buckets sat in the…

  • Buffered Coco with Grow Dots

    Buffered Coco with Grow Dots

    After a lot of research I have came up with a game plan for my first grow. I grabbed some buffered coco and plan on using Grow Dots and Recharge on some autos from mephisto. Do I need anything else to amend my soil or am I on the right path?

  • DGC Cup?

    DGC Cup?

    Question? New to the chat and would like to take part of the next DGC Cup. How do you go about it? Just retired and will be growing yearly now and enjoying my new hobby that I can indulge into. thanks for the info team. vr ren