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  • Art of Rolling

    Art of Rolling

    In one episode, I observed Scotty, rolling a joint with a piece of construction paper. I was wondering if you could do an episode on the different joint rolling techniques even possibly for a dirty show? But I was wanting to learn from a master and a video or episode on specifically rolling I’m not…

  • 3 Bladed Leaves

    3 Bladed Leaves

    I am on my second grow. this time I am doing 4 Moby Dick from ILGM. 1 plant was doing great until I noticed that when it went to flower or shortly after,  ALL the leaves are now only 3 blade per leaf instead of five. They also turned yellow. None of the other ones…

  • Help my CO2 is super low

    Help my CO2 is super low

    Hey DGC, This year am having a hard time keeping my 5×10 CO2 above 250 ppm (Before this year, all my grows CO2 were around 500 and 600 ppm). My average light on is 250-320 ppm using Pulse Pro (I did the 6 month calibration). I have let in fresh air everyday into my grow…

  • The Fungus Gnats Must DIE

    The Fungus Gnats Must DIE

    Long story short…. I’ve got fungus gnats thriving in my hydro closet. It’s a drip system that circulates 5 times a day using rockwool and clay pebbles. I’ve tried a hydrogen peroxide dilution dunk that helped a little, mosquito dunks in res, sticky traps, and some bt spray. All have helped, nothing has worked. I’ve…

  • Oahu/Kauai vaca!

    Oahu/Kauai vaca!

    Yoooo DGC! I live in Denver but will be visiting beautiful Oahu/Kauai next month really can’t wait! Last time I was there I got my hands on some fire Kauai Electric and GDP it was some epic herb! I am a home grower and would love to find some island DGC fire while on the…