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  • Android App

    Android App

    Just wondering if you will have an Android App?

  • Roots Organic

    Roots Organic

    I’ve been using Roots Organic either OG, 707 soil (or if available for flower transplant Lush) and I usually amend a little in veg with their top dressing Uprising Grow. I water with their Microbe Charge terp tea usually twice a week or sometimes just once. Bloom I switch to the bloom terp tea. Other than…

  • Silicium


    What’s up growmies? I have some Night Owl Strawberry milk and qookies going in my 4×4. They’re about 10 days from sprout. Wondering when I should start with the Silicium? Water and Recharge in living soil. Thank you.

  • RO Woes!

    RO Woes!

    Good Morning DGC! After some struggles my first crop has come through and is hanging and i couldn’t be more proud! (single tear) I am totally hooked and making upgrades all over the place. I have went from a custom 4×8 to two 4×4 tents so i can go perpetual. One of my recent upgrades…

  • Questions about IPM (Integrated Pest Management)

    Questions about IPM (Integrated Pest Management)

    Hey Guys, We’re starting our 2nd indoor grow in a tent (5×5), but MinneJuana (little bro) is growing outside for the 1st time in 30+ years. (Cause we’re f**kn’ legal now, baby!) We caught the show tonight on YT (5/13) and it was one of the best shows we’ve seen! Awesome guests. Great info! Here’s…