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  • Drying and curing without climate control

    Drying and curing without climate control

    Hello all, I would first like to thank everyone who makes the show possible and everyone who contributes to the forum. I have recently moved to Belize. I am growing some local bag seed and am a few weeks from chop. The problem is that I have no drying room, or climate control. I know people…

  • Long term storage

    Long term storage

    What up Y’all.  Been busy with moving the past few months, but I have a question that I know has been asked in the past, but curious about any updated information. I can’t grow at my new house, but had a dedicated room at the old place so really stocked up.  I’ve got a lot…

  • THCa flower

    THCa flower

    Hey Guys, thanks for all the great info. I really enjoy the show. I’m curious about this THCa flower. I live in probitionland and its everywhere down here. I understand the concept and the loophole that allows it to be sold. I’m wondering how it is made, where it comes from. Is it the same…

  • pH problems

    pH problems

    Do I trust the meters or the general hydroponics test drops?

  • Aero cloner

    Aero cloner

    Is anyone using an aero cloner? I’ve been using ez cloner but the 3rd pump just died on me so want something more reliable.