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  • Calcium deficient or bugs?

    Calcium deficient or bugs?

    Hey DGC, My plant is week 5 in flowering (Grape Balls of Fire-Ethos- Living Soil) and showing these sign on a few leaves about a week ago.  I didn’t see any bugs moving but included pic incase I over looked.  Please let me know. Thank you MidMOGrower

  • Fix is cheaper than replace!

    Fix is cheaper than replace!

    I’m constantly knocking my fans off the wall. This time it’s snapped the plastic band that goes around both wind screens. I could put it on with wire. I’ve done that before. It’s a pain in the ass however. every time I do a changeover, I have to take everything apart. So I didn’t want…

  • Let’s Talk Topping

    Let’s Talk Topping

    Hey guys and gals I am curious as to learn more about topping and the most advantageous way of doing it to find the best number of tops and method for size of container.   Say you have plants that take topping well.   I think I may have been overdoing it.  Creating at least 16 tops…

  • Cold Hard Truths…

    Cold Hard Truths…

    Quarantine should be a plant test 🫣

  • Ripping Blueberry Adventure

    Ripping Blueberry Adventure

      What’s up DGC!! My summer indoor grow included 2 from Irie Genetics, Tangie Ripper and Blueberry Butcher and  1 of Soups 2022 Adventure Pack. Organic run, 5 Gal pots using Gaja Green nutes, Recharge and Cal-Mag. Ran these girls to 11 weeks. SF4000 light finished under 18/6. Just getting to know these strains so…

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