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  • Clones dying 2-3 days after transplant

    Clones dying 2-3 days after transplant

    Hey dudes! I’m having an issue I’ve never experienced – my clones are dying anywhere between 2-5 days after transplant into my 70/30 coco. Some totally wilt over limp and others show signs of low humidity stress (the leaves curl up to a crisp on day 2-3 after transplant) The clones are rooted in rockwool…

  • Seeds or Clones? Pros and Cons

    Seeds or Clones? If you are looking to start a new grow, or bring some new genetics into an existing grow, you face a choice: seeds or clones?  Each option has pros and cons, so let’s talk about it! Start by exploring your options Not everyone has a chance to choose between starting from seeds…