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Clones dying 2-3 days after transplant

Hey dudes!

I’m having an issue I’ve never experienced – my clones are dying anywhere between 2-5 days after transplant into my 70/30 coco. Some totally wilt over limp and others show signs of low humidity stress (the leaves curl up to a crisp on day 2-3 after transplant) The clones are rooted in rockwool cubes and hardened off gradually from day 5 -10, removing the dome completely for a day or 2.

clones are always placed in 70/30 coco mix with Mycos, Azos and Root by RXgreen Technologies.

I’ve always had 100% success rate once my clones achieve nice large roots and planted in coco… now all of my clones are dying off and checking the roots, they look fine and the only thing I’ve been able to track is that my humidity in the room is now tracking from 45%-51% and sometimes dipping below 45%.

Could my issues be related to low humidity or is there something else going on?

thanks guys!


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  1. jmystro Avatar

    They need to be acclimated before leaving the dome. They are going into shock from the low humidity. I explain how to properly acclimate the babies in my cloning article.

    1. RASUFA Avatar

      I just read half of that. Get back to it tonight

    2. RASUFA Avatar

      Righteous. After reading this I think I fixed a couple kinks in my rockwool game. I will mostly be going cup in cup from now on after learning and using that method. But sometimes cubes is what I have on hand so I use them. Thanks JMystro.

    3. HypnoticJUD Avatar

      So, I’ve never had any issues shown here until about a month ago. Clones are acclimated over 5-7 days in domes. I even prop the dome up with a piece of rockwool, increasing it to a solo cup for a day or two. However, my mother/veg room humidity levels have drastically tanked to low 40’s which generally isnt the case.

      After transplanting into coco – the general time frame between transplant and droop/wilt/crisp is 3 days. We even took all newly transplanted clones and placed them in a clone dome with humidity levels around 80-90% and i came in today (the 3rd day) to find many doing the same exact thing. I remove the plant from the coco to check the roots and theyre 100% white and fat: no browning or discoloration, rot or thinning. So, im at a loss.

      1. jmystro Avatar

        40% RH is far too low for them to handle that fresh out of a high humidity environment. They’d survive if the veg room was above 55%. 50% is usually a little too low for most varieties out of a dome. 60-65% is ideal RH around 80 F.

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