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12 Week Flower using Grow Dots


Hey DGC! I Hope all is well with everyone. Hey I’m going to do a tester grow with Rasta Jeff’s new 12 week flower strain. I would love to do the test grow with Grow Dots & Recharge. Just wanted to get some advice on options on how I should approach the last few weeks with the longer Flowering strain. I was thinking a top dress around week 7ish. Give it some time to become plant available, or should I supplement the extra couple weeks with bottle nutrient? I also have some compost cooking now. It will be good to go by the time I would need it. Would that be a better option? I appreciate any advice the DGC can give. Much appreciated ! ☝🏼🤟🏼 Mr.Chuck


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  1. Redneck Avatar

    I’m intrigued by this I have a Malawi strain that in the past I’ve pushed 18 weeks. My guess is you’ll be top dressing at some point if they are heavy feeders.

    1. Mr.Chuck Avatar

      These are the Congo Ripper testers from Irie. I’m thinking I will use bottles with half and top dress with half. Give two points of data instead of one.

  2. Old Hippy 58 Avatar

    With a long flower time strain you will most likely need to add some nutes. I am a New Millennium guy so not exactly an Grow Dots guy. I do grow several long flower time Irie strains. I would add some flower nutes (P/K) around week 6-7 and continue until flush. I have found some of Rasta Jeff’s strains are big feeders and can need supplementation as they grow. I would add bottled nutes as they can be used right away as opposed to an organic top dress that might take awhile to become available. All you organic folks can flame me if you like, just my opinion.

    1. Mr.Chuck Avatar

      Thank you much for your response. I keep some A & B on hand to use if needed. They are the Congo testers so may experiment with different approaches.

  3. SODA Avatar

    12 weeks is a long time to have that around, have you considered up-potting after maybe 3-4 weeks in flower?

    1. Mr.Chuck Avatar

      Scotty says to only up pot once, after the seedling stage.

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