The Dude Grows Show

Month: January 2016

  • Pollen Sacs on Female plant, AKA Hermie

    Pollen Sacs on Female plant, AKA Hermie

    My new strain, DNA Genetics, Reserva-privada, Strawberry banana, is proving to be prone to growing male organs.  Some people call it a “hermie”.  From 3 plants, at least two of them have grown pollen sacs.  The 3rd was just recently put into 12 12 so we will see what happens.  My buddy sling, had the…

  • Kief gummy recipe (simple)

    What’s up Dude, Scotty and Crew. I thought you all might like some gummys. Gummy! So here’s my way of whipping them up. I get my favorite flavor of jello 6 oz., One tsp. of vegetable glycerin, four plane gelatin packs about 1oz. A cup of cold water and 2gr of kief. Start by decarboxylate…