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Kief gummy recipe (simple)

What’s up Dude, Scotty and Crew. I thought you all might like some gummys. Gummy! So here’s my way of whipping them up. I get my favorite flavor of jello 6 oz., One tsp. of vegetable glycerin, four plane gelatin packs about 1oz. A cup of cold water and 2gr of kief.

Start by decarboxylate the kief at 275f for 10 to 15 minutes. ( cover ) or not, that’s up to you.

Get the vg in your tsp. when the kief has cooled a little bit pour in the vg and mix up very well. Now mix up the the jello and gelatin and the water over low heat.

Stir in the kief vg. keep stirring till the whole mix is mixed up good and the gelatin is on longer graney and the kief has melted in and not seen.(OK you might see some if not mixed up very good in the vg).

Alright now get your cool kick as silicon molds. I have a shit load. Most are the ones for making ice cudes. Shit I’m rambling.

Pour the warm kief jello mix in to the molds and toss in to the freezer for an hour. Then pop out your Kiefed up gummys and have one.

In about an hour the day gets so much better. OK crew that’s my simple kief gummy recipe.

Veg SCROG Bloom.


  1. Trish Avatar

    What’s a “tps”?

    1. Mojitzu Avatar

      I accidentally forgot the unflavored jelatin. I just had to let them sit out a couple days longer before putting them in a jar. So next time I only used two packs, because my gummies seemed to get a little to chewy. Recipe is better with 2 packs. Just let them tack up before jarring.

  2. Jmystro Avatar

    Must be a typo for teaspoon (tsp.) Trish. I’ll fix it. 😉

  3. Anonymous


  4. Jkelly Avatar

    For the clear gelatin does the 4 packets equals 1oz

  5. Jkelly Avatar

    How do you get your gummies not to stick to the molds

    1. Mojitzu Avatar

      Had an idea to mix the kief with the glycerin before decarboxylate. Did a test run with straight glycerin, and it looked good. Didn’t smoke off or brown at all. So, I went ahead and mixed enough glycerine to make a paste with double the 2 grams. Actually 4.3 grams. Way easier to incorporate the kief. It dissolved in my Jello almost instantly.

  6. Anonymous


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