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Pollen Sacs on Female plant, AKA Hermie

My new strain, DNA Genetics, Reserva-privada, Strawberry banana, is proving to be prone to growing male organs.  Some people call it a “hermie”.  From 3 plants, at least two of them have grown pollen sacs.  The 3rd was just recently put into 12 12 so we will see what happens.  My buddy sling, had the same problem I do with these.  He popped two fem seeds.  One was a male, one was a female with male pollen sacks.  We got our seeds at the same time, so probably from the same “batch” of seeds.  My other buddy, greenthumb, is the one who turned me on to this strain.  He had no problems with it and it was “off the hook” frosty.  He got his about 10 months before I got mine, so his was probably from a different lot.

After 3 weeks in flower, I inspect my giant plant and find this:

DNA Genetics Reserva Privada Strawberry Banana Hermie

So I pull the other plant that had only been in 12 12 for 10 days and find this.  Even on this one, you can clearly see both male and female organs.

Now let me be clear about one thing.  I am the first one to say that a true “Hermaphrodite” is very rare.  As we all know, cannabis is a “diecious” plant.  Meaning, there are male and female plants.  In most cases, a plant will only grow male pollen sacks when it is stressed.  It does this, in efforts to reproduce on it’s own.  That doesn’t mean it is a “Hermaphrodite”.  And it doesn’t mean it “Hermie-ed”.  It simply means it grew male pollen sacks, in order to attempt to reproduce.  I wrote an article on this here.

The stoner term “hermie-ed” is overused and abused, but for all intents and purposes, “hermie-ed” is accepted as a VERB, when a female plant grows pollen sacks.  “Dude!  My plant hermie-ed on me.” 9 times out of 10, it happens due to stress in the growing environment.  And some plants are more prone to growing pollen sacks than others.

About a year ago, I attempted to purposely “hermie” a small purple dream, in hopes to get some pollen.  Even with Colloidal silver I was unsuccessful.  I messed with the light cycle, sprays with Colloidal silver daily, but was not able to get the Purple Dream to grow a pollen sack.

In the history of growing at least two dozen different strains, I’ve seen a pollen sack on a female, ONE TIME, on ONE plant.  And this was back in the day when I first started growing.  This is why I say, that in most cases, the problem is due to stressed plants.

I emailed DNA to let them know they have a problem with this batch of seeds.  Their reply reply was that there was nothing they could do for me.

Here’s a video showing more:

So here is what I decided to do.  After I found the pollen sacks, I sprayed down the entire plant with water to contain the pollen, then moved the plant into a 5×5 tent to finish out the flowering.  I sprayed it with plain water again, a couple times a week.  I found several more pollen sacks, but I was careful to spray them down frequently.  I did NOT purposely try to pick off them all.  I just sprayed them.

The plant is now finished, harvested, and guess what?  I found NO seeds!  So the pollen was either sterile, or I did a good job spraying them down.  Unfortunately, the pheno produced SUPER airy, fluffy buds.  So with that, the super tall plant, and the pollen sacks, we won’t be growing Reserva privada any longer.  Some may say I didn’t give it a fair chance by only growing out three seeds.  That may be true.  But I’ve got a pretty bad taste in my mouth about the strain now, and I won’t waste any more time on the strain.  It’s not even bag-able.  I’ll make BHO out of it all.


  1. waitwhat Avatar

    Wish I could’ve warned you about RP. I picked up a pack of their “lucy” and all three of the plants ended up stunted and under performing. They seem to have a real problem with their feminization and pheno selections.

  2. DeanR Avatar

    I think it’s time for a call out on the show about DNA and reserva… the only hermi I’ve ever had came from a pack of their Seeds a few months ago. These guys are just trying to get rich… I met a few of the guys from DNA, they are “hetty”

  3. Koolaid Avatar

    I will stick with Mr Nice seeds…never, ever had a hermie!

  4. Blackbeard734 Avatar

    I’m asking this question on this thread because I’m not sure if you receive notifications of comments on your older articles or if your just peaking in.

    I found your cloning tutorial from a while back on 420mag and I’m curious if you had any changes to that clone nutrient strategy now that you have recharge in the mix.

    Cloning is the one piece from me scouring all of your posts over the years that you havent covered much. Everything typically starts with rooted clones but i want to make sure I’m following you from the beginning and not getting off to the wrong foot.

  5. THECAPN Avatar

    I emailed R.P. and they said there is “nothing we can do for you”. Pretty lame, if you ask me. I won’t buy again.

    >>>I found your cloning tutorial from a while back on 420mag and I’m curious >>>any changes to that clone nutrient strategy now that you have recharge in the mix.

    I have used a little recharge for cloning, for normally I don’t use it. The reason is that is has molasses in it.

    That said, I’m still using the same recipe. 100% success every time. Set it and forget it. Maybe it’s time I created a new article here for dude grows. Good luck with your cloning.

  6. Loudbitch Avatar

    same shit happen to me just today i find balls under some buds 2.5 week in on og18 and kosher tangie thats fuckt up have 2 other strains whit no problem.

  7. DrBlaze Avatar

    Looks like someone could use a bottle of Switch 🙂

  8. Pheno Avatar

    The bigger issue is that the seed company didn’t give you some different seeds or credit. Not a good business practice.

  9. Pazzo Avatar

    I’ve bought and grown the cheapest seeds out there like Nirvana and KC Brains and I’ve never had any hermies at all. The only hermies I’ve grown from seed were some Chem4D seeds a guy gave me and all of them hermied exactly how yours did so I just tossed them all, wasn’t worth the space and time to me.

    I do have a Purple God Bud that does pop out what I call “Banana Dicks” toward the end of flower so I tend to cut her down at 8 weeks to avoid most of them.. if she wasn’t so naturally dark purple I’d toss her but I want to someday try to cross her with some other strains to try and get that purple trait to follow without the banana dicks, wish I could post a pic of her cause she is such a gorgeous pheno.


  10. Max Power Avatar
    Max Power

    Sorry to hear your ladies had balls too. I just found little banana peni (a plural form of penis like cacti) on the ends of my unnamed sativa plant. Only on one of the three ladies. Needless to say it is a sad day in the Strawberry household.

  11. Dohnavin Avatar

    I have 8 ww plants one all female feminized seeds one grew nothing but pollen sacs 3 of them won’t go into flowering and one shows signs of both male and female and the other three show nothing but male signs all outside plants I’m not sure why there acting like this or why one grew nothing but pollen sacs also not. Sure what I do about the plants that have both signs

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  15. Bjbdbz Avatar

    Ive grown some skywalker kush from RP never made it to flower but that was my own fault. Shit reeked like it had flowers on it tho. Always been excited to grab some again but sheesh, the fact that they said that to you is really sad. Those things arent cheap and RP/DNA in general are on the spendy side. Appreciate the post.

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