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Month: June 2019

  • Powdery Mildew on my Fabric pots and Coco?

    Powdery Mildew on my Fabric pots and Coco?

    Hey DGC, Thank you in advance for your help! I have been noticing white stuff on the outsides of my fabric pots. Im growing in Mother Earth coco perlite using suite leaf nutrients. Today is the beginning of week 10 from sprout. All are different Autoflowering strains. I previously got help from you guys with…

  • DIY Drying Box

    DIY Drying Box

    I am approaching harvest within the next few weeks and have typically used my grow tent as my drying tent. Since I decided to grow two different strains that will need to be harvested separately, I needed somewhere to dry my buds while the other plants continue to bloom. Majority of the supplies were items…