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DIY Drying Box

I am approaching harvest within the next few weeks and have typically used my grow tent as my drying tent. Since I decided to grow two different strains that will need to be harvested separately, I needed somewhere to dry my buds while the other plants continue to bloom. Majority of the supplies were items laying around the house and I decided to throw something together.

The following is a list of items I used to build the drying box: Large moving box(18″ x 18″ x 24″), Carbon pet/smoke filter, string, masking tape, cooling racks, gel silica packs and flexible ducting. I used the string at the bottom of the box to provide support for the cooling racks that I will use for the smaller popcorn buds. I also used the string along the top of the box to hang larger buds still attached to the stems. I used a $10 carbon filter from Walmart that I could cut up, I cut two 6″ x 6″ holes in the sides of the box and doubled the filter material over each hole to reduce the smell. I cut an additional hole on the side of the box to circulate air from the grow tent exhaust into the drying box using the flexible ducting. Lastly, I bought some rechargeable silica gel packs to help keep combat the humidity.

Hope this post can help someone out and if anyone has some advice, I would love to hear it. No one knows everything, this is an ever learning community.


8 responses to “DIY Drying Box”

  1. Hush Grown Avatar
    Hush Grown

    Awesome idea!

  2. SkyHighGrowGuy Avatar

    You’re going to exhaust your tent into that box?

  3. Saint Skinny Avatar
    Saint Skinny

    Great idea in theory. The main concern I’d have is using the air exhausted from your tent. depending on your environment in the tent, it may work, but check the humidity of your tent compared to the humidity of the room the tent is in. It might be better to blow air in from the room itself instead of the tent.

  4. Dr.Teeth Avatar

    Wardrobe boxes work great too but I think I’d be drawing air though the box into the grow tent instead of the other way around.

  5. OGsmoker 0077 Avatar
    OGsmoker 0077

    I wouldn’t use exhausted air from my tent. I would simply cut a hole about the dimension of a small fan and put that small fan inside the box pulling air from outside the box and then have a hole on the opposite side on top to help circulate the air within the box. Thats exactly what i just made with a wardrobe box from home depot. I also have my portable ac right outside the box with the vent angled down so the cold air is somewhat sucked into the dry box. I dried a Northern lights with very dense buds in 9 days before put it into jars. I also put some window type screen over the two holes i cut out just using the same packing tape i used to construct the box to adhere the screen over the holes.

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