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Powdery Mildew on my Fabric pots and Coco?

Hey DGC,

Thank you in advance for your help! I have been noticing white stuff on the outsides of my fabric pots. Im growing in Mother Earth coco perlite using suite leaf nutrients. Today is the beginning of week 10 from sprout. All are different Autoflowering strains. I previously got help from you guys with my plants all suffering ph issues. That seems to have been fixed mostly. Although I am having Fox tailing. Anyways I have been noticing white stuff on the surface of coco and outside of fabric pots. At first I thought it was salt residue or maybe some sort of beneficial bacteria because roots pop out of pots too. Now wondering if it is actually pm?


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  1. jmystro Avatar

    It’s just salt build up and not PM. You can wash it right off.

    1. DazedAndConfoozed4 Avatar

      Okay thank you!

  2. JB13 Avatar

    Yup definately salt build up happens often with fabric pots. Make sure your watering slow and evenly so you run off through the bottom of the pot and not through the sides which can commonly occur with fabric pots. Nothing to worry about my friend ladies look great good job

    1. DazedAndConfoozed4 Avatar

      Thanks for the tip, and thanks! Lots of work looks like it may pay off. 😁

  3. Wyattherb Avatar

    I had the same thing a little while back. just salt thank goodness. But just curious, whose genetics and what strains are you running?

    1. DazedAndConfoozed4 Avatar

      All autos.
      Back left corner is Moby dick by Dinafem.
      Back right. Pink kush cbd 30:1 from seedsman.
      Front right is white crack from mephisto
      Front left is tangerine dream from growers choice

  4. tinker Avatar

    You really need to get your drain bucket outside of the tent. Because you are causing the moisture to be released back in the tent. Costing you money.

    1. DazedAndConfoozed4 Avatar

      Ugh, I can’t figure out to get it work being outside the tent.

      1. tinker Avatar

        Try raising the dehumidifier unit up milk carte worked for me.. Out a lower access hole for the drain tube.

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