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2×4 grow

Been growing some buds in my 2×4 I set up for a few runs now. Was looking for a simple one part dry flower fertilizer to try out for a grow I’m on or earth juice seablast flower fertilizer again and something to add to help push flower during 8 weeks of flower. I did a lot of podcast listing to and internet reading inform myself on equipment and such. I found if I grow my own indoors, have had some fun outdoors in the backyard trying light depth with boxes over plants and removed to keep 12 hrs light to flower for some June outdoor dank in Sacramento C.A. and October harvest to, just don’t be like my neighbors blowing up the backyard with 8 foot plants code enforcement will show up. I had to whisper sweet thoughts in my girls head while I could hear them clipping down plants in yard behind me. I bent my plants over and could hide them in my veggie garden. I take a 5ft plant and slowly bend at base 45% and pin it down what you can’t see you don’t know about can smell it but where the hell is it. So indoor I’ve got a 2×4 tent, 315 cmh light with 4000k spec light for one light through full grow. A fan for air movement and a fan at top for a carbon filter but run it through full grow just uses carbon filter on it when flower starts to smell. I wanted to keep it simple cheep and effective and that’s what I got. $100 for vivosun tent, $ 125 cmh fixture, $ 65 for cultilux 4000k 315 cmh light. $18 rotating fan 3 speed. $ 100 for fan and carbon filter combo vivosun. OK vivosun I know I went to home depot and Order it  Tent, light fixture and fan it was cheep. So I been growing fem seeds from purple city genetics from Oakland C.A and have had good success using earth juice seablast plant food powder mix Grow and flower fertilizer with fox farm soil. Happy frog or ocean forest mix. Was looking to uses a different fertilizer for flower got enough Earth juice seablast grow plant food for grow.  usually go one month then flip to flower to control 3 plants  in 3 gal fabric pots from getting to big but like different buds so usually do one seed of a different kind in my grow. Some plants can get wild and have to be bent up to stay In there space but I manage to handle it.


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  1. Soup Avatar

    Down to earth bio live is a good all purpose organic dry amendment blend you could try. Roots organics also makes some dry fert blends that might be a good fit for ya.

    I’d also consider going full living soil as that would allow you to reuse your soil for several runs and get a lot more life out of it. You could adapt any of the ferts I mentioned above but it might be a better idea to learn more about living soil first.

    This article has a ton of info if you want to learn more:

    Oh hey I’m just up the road from ya in the auburn/grass valley area btw. We should have a nor cal DGC meetup!

  2. Hash Hound Avatar

    Hey smokes, I’ve been using Dr Earth products as my main fertilizers for 15 years with great results.
    For flowering the Bud Bloom works well amended in, top dressed or making a tea.

    Happy growing

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