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3 Bladed Leaves

I am on my second grow. this time I am doing 4 Moby Dick from ILGM. 1 plant was doing great until I noticed that when it went to flower or shortly after,  ALL the leaves are now only 3 blade per leaf instead of five. They also turned yellow. None of the other ones did this?  Some of the leaves have like 3 1/4 blades like it wanted to grow normal but couldn’t. What happened?



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  1. J Mystro Avatar

    Branches in veg will increase their number of blades until they max out typically between 11-13. Seedlings start with single blades, then 3, 5, 7, etc with the even number occasionally. New nodes typically have 5 blades to start, then increase. The opposite occurs during flower. New leaves will decrease (like you’re seeing) until single blades are sticking out of buds. What you’re seeing is normal except for the yellowing. Re-vegged plants can start forming nodes with 3 blades to start. This is why I never re-veg.

  2. LepraconGreen Avatar

    Thanks, The only thing about your answer is, it is week 10 of flower! If i knew how to add a pic I would. It is the wierdest thing I have seen. I did some research and found an article about “stress mutation” but they were mostly young plants.

    1. New Leaf Avatar

      By week ten there shouldnt be any new leaves forming. The plant should be focusing on flower growth. Is it a landrace sativa, even then still kind of late to he growing leaves. Is it possible that they went into reveg? Check your timers. Pics would really help.

  3. LepraconGreen Avatar

    Ill add a picture if I can figure out how. but its funky for sure. I have 3 others of the same strain from the same company and NONE look or act like this one

  4. LepraconGreen Avatar

    I posted pictures in another post so if you wantto see what I am talking about. the last picture is of the samr plant when it started to flower then it changed.

  5. J Mystro Avatar

    I added the pics and my answer does not change from my original comment. This is normal leaf structure on a flowering plant. The plant just looks like it’s been under fed most of it’s life. Also, the leaves will typically curl like this when they are getting wind stress.

  6. BudWizer ✌️😎 Avatar

    Chalk it up to “Sometimes weird shit happens”.
    Cannabis is magnificent with surprises.

  7. New Leaf Avatar

    Nice big bud. Your looking good

  8. Budwin Jones Avatar

    I run across plants that will get wooly with leaves when stress testing. Yellowing is pretty normal in late flower assuming your cutting nitrogen.
    Can I play detective?

    I know you said 10 weeks, but to clarify – is this an autoflower???
    Seasons are changing – any big swings (especially on the high side) for either temp or humidity?
    Is there an earthy smell to the buds/room?
    Any SuperThrive or kelp products?

    1. LepraconGreen Avatar

      Yes it is an auto. the strain says 7-10 week flower time they are on week 11. I gemanated 4 all at the same time. 2 stretched really tall, and 2 stayed short. only 1 developed Big Buds. all were fed and cared for close to the same, as they changed I adjusted water, feed, light height, depending on. so yes She could be stressed, thats what I think. the 3 leaf part is what bamboozeld me.

    2. New Leaf Avatar

      I should have guessed it was an auto. Three fingered leaves can def be an auto trait. I thought you meant it was growing new leaves on other parts of the plant other besides within the buds

      1. LepraconGreen Avatar

        the new fan leafs ARE 3 blades also I have yet to see a NEW 5 blade

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