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Any idea on the light colouring?

Any idea on the cause and remedy of the light leaf colouring?



12 responses to “Any idea on the light colouring?”

  1. J Mystro Avatar

    They look ok. What lighting are you using and how close is your light to the top of the plants?

  2. Tracer Avatar

    Week 4 veg , Dimlux 1000w NIR ppfd 550 , 22inch from cannopy 5 other plants darker

    1. J Mystro Avatar

      No issues with that setup. Some girls are just hungry pigs. No cal-mag or magnesium sulfate needed. Just bump up your base nutrients a bit for that one.

  3. NayHay Avatar

    I think they look fine too, but maybe it wants a bit more iron. More cal-mag! (if you’re using salts and your calmag has chelated iron, which they usually do.) I’m assuming the lower leaves are same color or darker than top leaves. If lowers lose color more than it’s probably just a little low on nitrogen.

    1. Tracer Avatar

      Hi thanks for the replies , have given the plant a root drench with low dose of epsom salt give it 24 hours then reassess . I’m growing in canna soil 70/30 perlite and changed my nutrients from bio Nova super soil to Athena blended bit of a change for me as used bio Nova last ten years with no issues but comming across a few issues with Athena or I’m just paranoid with the change . And thanks again will keep use posted .

  4. Sunnyinbectopia Avatar

    How did the Epson salts go?

    1. Tracer Avatar

      Yeah looking better today after the epsom salt going to up the base nutrients on the next watering . Thanks for your response to my question appreciated.

  5. Sunnyinbectopia Avatar

    I to have a strain that always looks a bit lighter. Sometimes I feed them first then I just add some more water to my reservoir and continue on the other plants.

    1. Tracer Avatar

      The two plants that were lighter in colour have darkened up quite a bit they were the only two I gave Epsom salt.

  6. SD 420 Farmer Avatar

    Do you ever foliar spray? I’m new to all this, only barely into my second year growing. I’ve had this light leaf issue pop up in my tent a couple times. I like to mix up a foliar spray using 3-4 ounces of PH balanced water. Then add Fulvic Acid/Fulvex (5 drops) Kelp Extract/Bio-Weed (2 drops) Yucca Extract (2 drops) and just a touch of Epsom salt. I spray just before the lights go off. By the next afternoon you can already see an improvement. I’m told this blend strengthens cell walls and increases potential for all sorts of processes, like photosynthesis and nutrient flow.

    Thanks everyone for all the tips and tricks that have gotten me this far. I’ve had some good success and looking to get better. Peace All!

    1. Tracer Avatar

      I’ve not done much spraying but have recently ordered a small fogger. I’m giving new techniques a try now been stuck on doing the same tactic to long and getting good results. The added NIR, spectrum is helping massively once you hit the sweet spot taking two weeks off each crop.

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