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Banana Garlic

Got some clones from a friend that picked up some teens from a local dispensary and I was vegging them out in one of my ac infinity tents when he called and said to throw them out because of HLV. They looked healthy, but not wanting to waste electricity and nutrients on something that won’t yield I pulled them out and threw them on my back patio. Hose water only and after a month they were in flower and looking great so I decided to give them some FF Beastie Bloom, the 3 gal fabric pots started off with 50/50 FF Ocean Forest  and Mother Earth 70/30 coco perlite and GROW DOTS. Anyways she seems to be great outdoors and good against pesty bugs and caterpillars. My second outdoor run ever and will definitely be doing more next summer after having great results for close to no costs. Just under 6oz of super sticky super stanky, funk on the front with fruity chaser.


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  1. Crontario Chris Avatar

    Nice work! Beautiful flowers.

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