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Bonsai hack eliminates rootbound problems

What’s up DGC I recently seen this video by a Bonsai tree master, and he uses a fly screen inside his pots to self prune the bonsai trees roots and claims he can go 10 yrs without repotting. Would this work with our cannabis plants? This would totally eliminate rootbound problems and give us the benefits of grow bags in plastic pots. What say you DGC?


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  1. New Leaf Avatar

    I’d say fabric pots, and them Rain Science bags are the same approach. Don’t think you can compare tree roots to Cannabis roots.

    1. Jack Long Buds Avatar

      I dont like fabric pots thats why Im approaching this idea…i hate how wobbly they are, the water leaks out the sides makes things messy, there very hard to train with and transplanting is not easy.

  2. Sunnyinbectopia Avatar

    Well, I don’t know, but what I do know is that I don’t want my short life plant living as a bonsai.

    1. Sunnyinbectopia Avatar

      Like I don’t want the same results at least that’s for sure. I want big juicy everything if I can get it.

      1. Jack Long Buds Avatar

        thats what self root pruning does it helps keep the plants from stalling when the roots spin out

  3. Soup Avatar

    I think its important to choose pots that support the rest of your growing style. This method probably works great for stalling out a plant and keeping it in a small pot for a long time, like you would in bonsai. Thats not usually what we are trying to do in a cannabis grow though… so I don’t think it would be the best choice.

    Try to tailor your pot choice to your grow style. For example, fabric pots are great for coco and other methods where you are frequently fertigating, but they are not a good fit for living soil or other methods where keeping soil moisture consistent is important.

    I think its also worth noting that transplanting can actually speed up growth, so you might not want to keep your plant in the same pot for too long anyway. It seems like the methods that result in the fastest growth often involve transplanting fairly frequently. Starting in small pots and regularly up potting can majorly increase growth rates if done properly. Its also a lot of labor to be swapping pots all the time, and theres always some risk of damaging a plant during transplant. Its up to the grower to find the right balance for their situation.

    1. Jack Long Buds Avatar

      yup you got a good point. When my plants take off i dont want not stalling, It sounds like it would work well for mother plants when space is limited

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