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We lose 20 struggling Vets to suicide a day.  I am struggling and find relief and healing in using this plant in its many varied forms.  Working in the light with my plants my mind becomes calmer and happier.  I have used the RSO I made to cure my skin/other cancers.  Some of us have a history of substance abuse mostly with alcohol, which we learned while in the Military.  Many are still, even retired Chaplains. I have trouble relating to others in this world but dudes that grow are funny, make me laugh, and help me learn more about how to use this plant to help myself and others who are struggling not give up!


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  1. J Mystro Avatar

    Welcome. The DGC is full of vets like myself (12B). This plant definitely helps heal the mind and body.

  2. Minnekannabis Avatar

    God Bless. We love and respect our Veterans. Thank you. We’re here for you. The plants will heal, trust me. In the meantime, reach out. There are millions of us who care about you. dammit.

  3. Struggling Vet Avatar


    I would like to talk to you about Veterans using cannabis to treat their PTSD and get off the pills the doctors hand out like candy.

    I am retiring shortly and am working to start a foundation to help struggling VFW Veterans like myself.

    The idea is to learn which strains of cannabis help us individually, and then to learn to grow them for ourselves.

    Using cannabis in whichever form brings us relief and allows us to wean ourselves off the poison pills.

    Please contact me.

    I would like to be interviewed on your media outlets to let Vets know someone still cares about them. Don’t give up!

    I am Paul Schwartz from Fort Knox Ky

    (270) 748-3119

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