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Whats cooler then making your own beans? Making some amazing beans is what’s better!

I’ve been growing for about 5 years maybe 6 now since we went legal in Oklahoma. I grabbed a few clones tuned into this amazing show called Dudes grow show which happen to be one of the 1st channels I found when starting to grow and trying to gain as much knowledge as possible. I can honestly say I owe a lot of my growing knowledge to you guys helping bring us entertainment along with lots of grow knowledge I’ve had a job to where I was able to listen to you guys all day long at work for 10 hours a day or more. I didn’t go all the way back to episode 1 but I went pretty close and made it all the way to current episodes probably 4 years ago now and I haven’t missed 1 second of a show since you guys have become a part of my life, even while I’m away. I’m Western Africa working 30 days at a time. I catch the live shows even from there most times anyways lol. I don’t comment as often as I would like I stay pretty busy in life sometimes it’s hard to find time to stop what I’m doing to just make a comment but I truly thank u guys for all u have done for our community and for me alone in helping me grow into the grower I am today!

I’ve been breeding my own beans on the side for the last 3 years I enjoy everything about growing so much. I wanted to try something new and exciting and what’s more exciting then making new beans no one else has. I’ve made some amazing crosses with beans I brought back from Western Africa and also some with some amazing phenos I’ve found searching through lots of breeders gear the plants I chose to breed with had a reasoning behind each of them being used as to they are some of the best plants I’ve grown in my journey. My ultimate goal would be to actually become a breeder full time because I feel such as passion for it it’s hard to explain unless u just feel it yourself but I enjoy growing almost as much as I do smoking. lol


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  1. Soup Avatar

    Hey thanks for your awesome post! We shared your pics and discussed your dank plants on this week’s 420 Happy Hour, the live bonus show I host for the DGC patron members. Your plants look great! Thats super cool you are working with genetics you sourced from west africa! If you wanna trade some beans or colaborate on a project or something get in touch! I’d be very interested in trying some of your west african crosses.

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