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  • Drying bubble hash

    Curious if you could take your frozen hash pucks after micro-planing onto a 25 micron screen? Place that onto a stack of food grade silica packets to help dry it out?

  • MyHerbsNow Dryer Review Tried and Tested 3x

    Whats going on guys! I want to post this for everyone who has or had trouble drying in the past. I will admit that i suck at hang drying. I live in south Ga and its expensive having to run an AC unit 24/7. I have my grow room environment dialed in to a constant…

  • DIY Drying Box

    DIY Drying Box

    I am approaching harvest within the next few weeks and have typically used my grow tent as my drying tent. Since I decided to grow two different strains that will need to be harvested separately, I needed somewhere to dry my buds while the other plants continue to bloom. Majority of the supplies were items…

  • Curing in a Thermoelectric Wine Chiller

    Curing in a Thermoelectric Wine Chiller

    If I’m curing in jars in the 60F chiller and I know I’m going to be burping the jars often, especially at the start of the jar cure, is the temperature shift between the inside of the chiller and the room the chiller is in going to cause complications I’m not predicting?  I know the…

  • The Flush

    The Flush

    Flushing is a broad term growers use for removing excess mineral nutrition from the media and plant near the end of its life. The idea behind flushing is to initially remove excess salts from the medium, letting the plant use up what has been stored over the course of its life. Instead of photosynthesis, the…