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Drying bubble hash

Curious if you could take your frozen hash pucks after micro-planing onto a 25 micron screen? Place that onto a stack of food grade silica packets to help dry it out?


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  1. jmystro Avatar

    When I don’t have access to a freeze dryer, I can still dry it cold. I just put the wet hash in a coffee filter as I’m making it that’s attached to a cup so water drips through until I’m finished. I’ll remove the filter and dump any excess water out the cup. I attach the filter back to the cup with rubber band/wire, etc. and I then place it uncovered in the fridge. Inside your fridge is low humidity and the hash will be dry in about a day. You do not need to cut into the trichomes micro-planing. Cutting through the cuticle will expose the oils and degrade faster. That’s a rookie hash move.

    1. DougFelland Avatar

      Thank you very much for the eye opening information.

      1. jmystro Avatar

        The important thing to remember when processing the hash is to not press it. That also breaks the trichome’s protective shell exposing the oils to the oxidation process. Let it dry to a powder in the filter. Don’t store it on glass or plastic. If you keep it in a coffee filter in the fridge it’ll be like sand and not stick.

        Another reason to keep the trichomes cold and dry is to slow down the interactions between the oils. Terpenes act as solvents and over time degrade cannabinoids. Take THC for example. It doesn’t start out or end up as THC. All cannabinoids, including THC, CBD, etc start out as a CBG molecule. CBG converts to THCa and THCa converts to CBN. This is where temp is most crucial. The colder you can keep the trichome, the slower the reactions and conversions occur. We want to freeze time so to speak when the trichome is mature (milky white) and not turning amber.

        1. DougFelland Avatar

          So from bag to coffee filter is it important to gently spread it thin and even across the filter before putting it in the refrigerator.

          1. jmystro Avatar

            You don’t need to spread it or even touch it with anything once you scooped it out of the bag. As it dries, after 12 hours or so, you can start to poke it with the spoon (I keep the spoon in freezer) and it’ll break apart easily and dry faster. It’ll stick to a spoon when it’s wet. Let it dry some in a puck. As long as you don’t press it, it’ll break apart in small chunks that will dry to powder over 2-3 days in fridge. It’s smokeable after a day and it’s sealable after about 2-4 days.

          2. DougFelland Avatar

            I have to do a whole plant fresh frozen. Do you suggest cutting the bigger buds up into smaller chunks before washing?

        2. J H Avatar
          J H

          How do you store the bubble hash after you dry it this way ? Do you press it or just enjoy it as is ?

        3. Dave Manasseri Avatar
          Dave Manasseri

          Great info here, thank you. When would be the best time to press the sand into a mold?

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