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  • Stoner Rock/Metal

    Stoner Rock/Metal

    Good day fellow tokers, Scotty brought up stoner rock on one of the last DGC shows. For anyone interested in this genre and have not yet heard of SLEEP then you should check them out. They are an old band but have been and are everything WEED. Heavy fuzzed out reefer worship. Check them out.

  • Virginia 420 festival has been canceled 😞

    Virginia 420 festival has been canceled 😞

    Virginia has canceled its 420 celebrations in both Salem, Virginia and Charlottesville. It reads like perhaps they were about 40k short on their budget and low ticket sales this year. This is really really sad.. weekend plans have been abruptly ruined.

  • Ebb And Flow Seed Company

    Ebb And Flow Seed Company

    Greetings everyone, I’m the breeder and owner of Ebb And Flow Seed Company. We are the newest member of the pro team here at the DGC and wanted to drop in and introduce ourselves. If you would like to know a bit of our history and mission statement check out our website in the DGC…

  • Brand New here

    Brand New here

    We lose 20 struggling Vets to suicide a day.  I am struggling and find relief and healing in using this plant in its many varied forms.  Working in the light with my plants my mind becomes calmer and happier.  I have used the RSO I made to cure my skin/other cancers.  Some of us have…

  • DGC Community saved my passion

    DGC Community saved my passion

    Started off my growing journey so ignorant, bought a tent setup, seeds and miracle grow soil. My plants suffered from undergrowth and spider mites. Looked up the DCG one day trying to find some help and my second run seems to be on cruise control. I knew nothing of environment, air circulation and IPM. Thanks…