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  • DGC Game Show Questions 1

    DGC Game Show Questions 1

    Scotty and Banner are big game show fans, and have been kicking around the idea of doing fun weed-themed Family Feud parody where we have contestants and cool prizes. We wrote the first batch of questions for the game – would you please answer them?

  • Visualization of Plants Communicating with Each Other

    Visualization of Plants Communicating with Each Other

    Hey Guys I came across this the other day on YouTube and thought y’all might be interested…it’s pretty damn cool!!

  • Plant controlling a machete

    Plant controlling a machete

    Hey Scotty, After watching your Saturday show, I figured you’d like this video. MidMOGrower  



    After a year or so of not being able log in, I have finally created a new account. Thanks to Banner I can be a part of this site again. You ‘da’ man Dude. I will try to stop in as much as I can. Honestly I mostly like seeing what Y’all are growing. I’m…

  • Parcel Interdiction Officers

    Parcel Interdiction Officers

      In regards to conversations on the show about traveling with and shipping cannabis, I just wanted to share what I recently learned about parcel interdiction as a juror on a drug case in a prohibition state. The TL;DR of it all is that Law Enforcement is working with local carrier facilities, and since they…