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Fall of prohibition from Houston Texas

I hope nothing changes this is the wild west.  So here in Houston Kim Ogg decriminalization 4 oz in the main county, Harris.  Austin, Dallas and other placed have done the same.  And then the farm bill grey areas have opened the flood gates.  There is not much or any thc delta 9 in Scott’s, dude’s grow.  They are full of thcA.  And ThcA is non psychoactive, hence eating raw bud doesn’t do anything.  You need to decarb it to get delta 9.  Well the farm bill allows for non psychoactive cannabinoid that have less than .3% delta9.  My local grow shop has plants in the store.  There are “cannabis club” dispensaries.  You can buy it at a gas station.  It’s not legal, but it is not illegal either.  Curious to see what happens when it goes to court.


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