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Citric acid?

Hi all! Just starting my fourth run outside this year. Last year I got some advice to use citric acid instead of pH down and I decided to try it. It appeared to work but I saw other people talking about it online and they said never to use it? Anyone have any thoughts?

thanks to all!


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  1. J Mystro Avatar

    pH down bottles typically contain a mixture of phosphoric acid and citric acid. pH down is costly because of the phosphoric acid. Citric acid is fairly cheap compared. It’s totally possible to use citric acid as pH down but know it’s not nearly as stable as phosphoric acid and will constantly need adjustment. I buy citric acid by the 5 gallon bucket because I use it as a cleaner for plastic pots, flood tables, reservoirs, the bathroom, etc. Citric acid concentrate dissolves salts without scrubbing and is my go to cleaner.

    1. Mattdawg Avatar

      Thanks bud maybe I’d better grab the ph down since my well water is routinely at or above a 9

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