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So I started growing in my new room about a year ago, and everything worked great. Seeds sprouted within 48 hr. clones were fully rooted in a week. Now nothing roots in less than a month, and the last 50 or so seeds haven’t lived. A couple sprouted but died soon after. I even went to Seeds Here Now and spent money I didn’t have to spend on some fresh packs, all failed. I know I could get some replacements, but what’s the point? If I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong, there’s no point in wasting more seed.

I do everything in coco. Seed starting, and clones. Canna nutrients, Recharge, seedling warming mat, clone dome. I use fresh coco, and new containers for this. My room is small 12′ x 7′, 4×4 flower tent, with a couple of smaller tents for veg. I am baffled as to how this could happen. I haven’t changed anything, but nothing works now. I’m probably just gonna end up closing my room, but I thought I should make at least 1 inquiry. As I would be no help if someone came to me with this issue I don’t expect a response to such a convoluted problem. I just wanted to know I tried before I closed up.



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  1. J Mystro Avatar

    If you’re killing seedlings with all the right tools then you’re either over-watering the delicate roots or the environment is the problem. Young seedlings can be quite sensitive before having an established root system. If the temp in the room is anywhere near 80F you shouldn’t need a heat mat and it’s possible you’re cooking the roots using one.

  2. Steve Autoflower Avatar

    Well, I wish I was getting seedlings to even sprout to kill off. The seed warming mat is a new addition, after about 30 or so seed didn’t sprout I thought maybe they were getting too cold as my seed start area is just outside the grow room proper. I’ll post a picture of the area later. Maybe I’m missing something right in front of me.

    1. Soup Avatar

      We talked about your question on the 420 Happy Hour, our DGC bonus show for patrons. Heres a clip for ya! Good luck and get in touch if we can help!

  3. Minnekannabis Avatar

    We “grow” in coco but start our seedlings out in Fox Farms Happy Frog. We have a dedicated germination station with a small LED lamp, planters with humidity domes, and are very careful with watering. We use the “floating” technique to start the tap root. Are you planting seeds straight into the coco or waiting for a tap root? I would try again but get that tap root going first.

    1. Steve Autoflower Avatar

      I plant directly into coco. I tried soaking before, but it felt like an extra step where I could mess up. I’ll try it again though. Do you suggest the 1 part H2O2 to 2 parts H2O? I use RO water if that matters.

      1. Minnekannabis Avatar

        Old Hippy 58 has a great answer. The paper towel method works really good, too. We have 2 shot glasses, one for each strain we’re growing. We just use regular tap water and put them inside a small cupboard until they sprout. We got too excited on our first grow and planted too early. Now we’re going to wait until the tap root has more growth first. Good luck, buddy. Don’t give up.

  4. Old Hippy 58 Avatar

    Don’t give up on growing, we all make mistakes and hopefully learn from them. I like to start my seeds using the paper towel method. That way I know which seeds actually sprout. After sprout I can then put them in my medium with the correct orientation. I only put them in the medium deep enough so that their heads are at, or just under the surface of the medium. This method let’s me see the seedlings as they begin their life cycle. I use a butter knife to make the hole and to transfer the seedlings. Room temperature should be good for sprouting seeds, 65 – 80 degrees. Rasta Jeff has a couple good videos on sprouting seeds, and

  5. Steve Autoflower Avatar

    Thanks for the help and encouragement. I’m determined to try and figure this out. I’m leaning toward a temp issue. Also, there’s news, I should have threatened to quit sooner. After almost throwing out my seed starters, 5 seeds, from 3 different cultivars (strain = virus) broke the surface. We’ll see what happens. I’ll post updates.

  6. Rollin' Fatty's Avatar

    Steve, seeds can be costly especially when you’re going through a rough patch. Hit me up through I will send you seeds to play with for no cost, do not give up! you have invested, lets figure this out and get you growing. There are times that the garden beats us down but it’s important to persevere.

    1. Steve Autoflower Avatar

      Thank you for the kind offer. As luck would have it my Westport Grapejuice testers showed up today. It only took 3 months. I got 20 seeds to mess with, so I will try some different starting methods. Find out how viable seeds are after spending 3 months in the mail.

  7. Sunnyinbectopia Avatar

    Are these all seeds from the same place? I love my seed mats for veg. I remove as soon as germination has taken place. With the clones, if you don’t have temp control on mat then I like to have a few trays under my clone tray to soften the heat. Are you going too heavy on light for clones? Are you letting the clones dry out a bit after first week? The more they sit in water the less they need to grow roots for. My first year of growing really tested my metal too buddy. You can only get better though with time and advice from the DGC.

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