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Convert portable Air Conditioner, from single to dual hose design

G’day DGC

In my neck of the woods it is exceedingly hard to find a dual hose portable air conditioner, a must in running a small scale sealed room.

Also DIY mini-splits are nonexistent in OZ which leaves but one option, converting a single hose portable Air Con to dual hose.

Firstly how does a portable air conditioner work:

Now that we are familiar with how the single hose model works, lets compare it with a Dual hose design

Below is a short video giving some further detail on how air conditioning works and how to convert a single hose portable AC to dual using nothing but a box, some rubber bands and 6″ duct.

I like the design above as it is quick, simple and a cheap solution but if you’re like me and couldn’t bring yourself to work with rubber bands and cardboard (it’s not a long term solution) you can get creative with the intake mounting plate.

I used an aluminium cookie sheet, cut a 6″ hole in the top (for the duct) and used HVAC tape to secure into position.

Below is a few images I found of a similar project, as you can see they are using reflective foam boards as a mounting plate.

The final image shows how they taped over the compressor’s air input this I think is an error on their part but I could be wrong. I question what air is cooling the compressor?

As for amending the design of these units, these images are a perfect example.

Just remember the diagram at the top. You need to be able to circulate the air inside the room and keep the outside air separate.

I’m not a HVAC professional just a DIYer that like to find creative/cost effective solutions.

Hope this help out the DGC

Growers Love

Alby OG Mangels


  1. MIchigan Avatar

    Seems a lot easier to just install a small window unit. They do not pull air from the room.

  2. Alby OG Mangels Avatar
    Alby OG Mangels

    I thought about that just after I published this article. Although my room is sealed (no windows) so would have to make a huge hole in the drywall.
    I also fear the excess noise of a running window unit may draw unwanted attention.
    Thanks for reading though MIchigan

    1. HD_Chop Avatar

      I have that same LG unit cooling my lung room (bedroom, lol).
      The video is correct in that they are not efficient. It manages to keep my 20×12 room with 400w of led cooled to 75-80f when outside is 80-90.

      The way those pix show the conversion is not correct. The top half of the unit cools the room air.
      The bottom half cools the compressor and takes the heat out of the room.(along with the just cooled air)

      You need to put the 2nd hose on just the bottom half of the unit.

      I’m getting ready to hack mine. I’ll let you know how it goes.

      1. Axel 007 Avatar
        Axel 007

        Hi there, thank you very much for sharing your thoughts and experience. Did you manage to complete your unit hacking ? I am purchasing items to make mine. A bit complex because the lower vent is in an angle, mainly on the rear but also a bit on the side. This will make the cut a little bit more complex. Also I was wondering, when people use foam panels to cover parts of the vents, don’t they lower the amount of air intake and thus create a risk of overheat ? Or can we assume that the unit will draw enough as much air from the new hose as it could draw from the full grid ? Thanks

  3. Veg SCROG Bloom Avatar
    Veg SCROG Bloom

    Thanks for the tip…….

  4. Tony_Scorpio Avatar

    Just to make sure that I’m on the right path…on the Ac in the diagram with the arrows , for instance. I would want to add the 2nd hose to the smaller vent on the bottom side? Is this right? Also after adding the hose to the side…I shouldn’t need to do anything else, but route the new hose to my source of fresh air?

    1. HD_Chop Avatar

      In the illustration with the arowed air flow, you are correct. Fabricate a small box from cardboard, plywood, tin, foam board, whatever you comfortable with and have the tools for.
      I would try to have that hose (what will be the outside air intake) 50% larger than the exhaust hose.
      You could use duck tape, liquid nails, great stuff spray foam or even steam sealer to attach your box/plenum.
      There may be a filter you’ll need to access and clean occasionally, so be aware.

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