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Sup dudes glad the site is back up and running great job banner. Well I have a simple question with autos and defoliation. Is it recommended? Will the auto stress during flower if I decide to defoliate? The ladies I’m posting are forum stomper by supermutt genetics 3 gal bags 45 g Grow Dots and Recharge every Wednesday. Got to love the simplicity both products bring. Thanks again for the work you all put into the show and let’s get that donation to 10k!!!!!

your redneck


3 responses to “Defoliation”

  1. J Mystro Avatar

    No one can answer this because every plant is an individual. The only way to know is to test. Some plants don’t give a shit while others do. This is simple with photo periods but autos are not something you can test over multiple rounds. Just remove large leaves blocking flower sites early.

  2. Cos_grows Avatar

    Hey! With autos if I do defoliate I never pull both sides fan leaves off. But a Bend or tuck def never hurts !

  3. Sunnyinbectopia Avatar

    I don’t No about regular pruning. If there is a leaf that is shitty and not pulling its weight though… Cut her loose.

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