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DGC Cup Entry Questions

I’m just curious if there is like a standard jar we need to have our nugs in? Last year it seemed like only a couple jars had the bud cured in it and the others were like they got transferred into new jars for the competition. Is there a standard jar we should all use because I am fixing to start my cure in a couple weeks. I just chopped and really would like to keep my nugs inside the jar they are cured in. It certainly increases the smell of the jar for the competition. Anything else us competitors should know?


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  1. Antonio Stewart Avatar

    Hey they transfer everyone’s nugs to jars that they provide onsite

  2. 👻 Ghøstƒiré Génétic§ 🔥 Avatar

    Why? Literally ruins it for the guys who took time to cure. Why not just tell everyone which kinds of jar to use

  3. Old Hippy 58 Avatar

    I think they use their jars to avoid as many differences as possible., my entry will be in a Grove bag. I got to wonder how moving flower into a new jar would effect your cure? Just curious not meaning any disrespect.

    1. 👻 Ghøstƒiré Génétic§ 🔥 Avatar

      No disrespect taken. It will take away from the people who truly took time to cure and ones who just brought fresh, less cured buds. Also, I personally hate Grove bags. Just a personal preference. ✌🏻

  4. 👻 Ghøstƒiré Génétic§ 🔥 Avatar

    Last year 2 entries definitely weren’t moved into new jars. I could smell the difference right away. IDK man. To me that just ruins the whole experience of getting a nice whiff. I know a few people were stopped up because of the trip up to the mountains, myself included, so anything to help keep the smell would be better imo. What’s the point of moving them into new jars? Can we not just have everyone use the same type of jar?

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