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DGC Grow Off

Hey team! This is the plant that I received courtesy of the DGC and Raw Genetics. I’m still in veg right now and will probably flip to flower a week or two after Brett planned on flipping his (Jan 1, I think). I’ve found that the easiest way to record my grow journey is through my private discord server, where I can create a channel for each plant or grow I have going. I used to use OneNote to track my inputs, but that worked best with a hydro setup that required more monitoring than how I am growing this clone (coco in a 10 gal, using my command synthetic nutes). The private server makes uploading photos a breeze and I can comment on the photos, which automatically creates a time stamp which makes chronically the journey pretty simple.


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  1. Rusty Knuitz Avatar

    Google sheets has been incredibly helpful to me, bc I can input basically from anywhere anytime. Live documents so I can poll data and come up with averages and find trends in my environment overnight. It’s the manual version of the ac infinity app lol

    1. Rusty Knuitz Avatar

      What’s your goal or target for this grow off? Most weight or best smoke? 10 gal pot of coco is overkill in my opinion. You can grow redwood trees out of 2 gal pots with high frequency fertigation.

  2. Sunnyinbectopia Avatar

    Yeah I’ll whip yours and yer boy Brett’s asses. When and where and what’s the prize?

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