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What’s Growing On DGC? The Dude and Scotty are Hanging Out Talking Cannabis News, Culture and Growing.


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How many harvests do you get each year? Let’s talk perpetual harvests, and how to always have freshies. It’s not very much more work to harvest 6 times a year instead of 3. I was talking to Hi-C about our grow course we’re working on.

Perpetual Harvesting:

Hi-C  said that perpetual growing seems too advanced… do you guys think it’s too advanced for beginners? I would teach perpetual growing the entire time. 2 tents in the same room or 1 tent and a veg in a closet is easy. But not easier than planting an autoflower seed and waiting 80 days. Cloning ain’t easy. Running a VEG is though. Let’s talk perpetual harvests, keeping 2 separate grow spaces for grow/bloom.

Timing is everything. How big of a veg space do you need compared to bloom? 

Veg can be very space efficient if setup correctly. I wanted to use one of those 2 in 1 AC 4×3 Tents,  and teach perpetual harvest veg & bloom, from the start. Clone trays or a clone machine takes up a couple square feet in the corner or ON A SHELF! Shelves are your friend in veg.

Buy decent shelving 

Cantilever shelving for closets 

Dudes Saucers

Huge advantages:

Keep your genetics with either: moms or clone from clone

Space efficient clones or a cloner can make 10 plants per square foot!

Know your grow. You can control the speed of growth



Light intensity 



Perpetual allows you to run a smaller veg tent than flower 3:1 flower:Veg? 

VEG- harvest 

3 shelves: 24”x60” shelving unit 

Top shelf- Clone domes

Middle shelf- teens/ solo/ 1 gals

Bottom shelf/ floor- Flowering containers


What’s a Grow Hack That Really Works IG

the_family_tree_cannabis_coRecycling and amending soil .. saves a grip .. and if done right the soil gets richer and richer.. hot soil 5 years in the rotation right now that’s straight flower power

notillarmy_420100 gallons of gravity fed water, regulated by blumats. It allows me to be away from my 5’x10’ grow for more than a month at a time 🤙

Lovin_in_her_eyes3.0There’s no hacks in growing. There’s only failure and learning from that and then putting in the work to do better. I don’t think working hard is hack, it’s more so letting the plant know your intention is to be/do better for it in the future. Fail. Learn. Adapt. Try again. Results come with those steps.

Duke_n_dutchess_of_dank AKA Big Eddie Kane and 👑BO💎MMy “Grow Hack”, unofficially proven in my own test the last 12 months, but what I do now with Regular Photoperiod Seeds is I will start them in a solocup and “over-veg” them in the small container. I understand that the plant will become root bound bit what I’ve found is that the plants seem to show sex really early. I don’t want to spend money for a sex testing service or have to flip a different light to flower a cutting to make the determination. Both great ways to do it but I tend to forget what’s reg and whats feminized sometimes just looking at the plants 😁

Overgrowct – Environment over everything. I dialed my environment for stability before plants even came in. Then obviously learned how to adjust/automate/regulate as plants get bigger. Get your environment to automatically stabilize itself and then is you gor genetics, you’re good, especially in a soil.

Scotty’s Recent 2×4 Harvest:

0GbobbyJohnsonOh man…Scotty went heavy handed on that lollipopping!! I think you left alot of good quality on the table but to each their own 🤷 growers love DGC


Low current around roots boosts plant growth, speeds up photosynthesis and increases stress tolerance


Is it real?  Man accused of growing $8.5 million worth of psychedelic mushrooms

He needs a gofundme


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