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What’s Growing On DGC? The Dude and Scotty are Hanging Out Talking Cannabis News, Culture and Growing.


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Do you even char dude? What’s up with biochar and do I need it in my grow? Biochar as a soil additive that can. Lighten up soil like perlite. Provide a home for microbes. Provide plant nutrients. Down in Costa Rica they have terra preta.

The soil is clay and shallow so they constantly build it by charring instead of burning and adding compost. Instead of burning, charring leaves a crystalized carbon structure that serves as a home for beneficials and moisture. Biochar can look like anything from a powder or pellet to a dust.

Biochar 101: Your Intro to the “Manhattan of Microbes”

55 uses for biochar (has awesome extreme close up pic)


Cool biochar retort

Biochar to help save the world!

Teaching people to char instead of burn and improve their soil and save greenhouse gasses. What you start with matters. Biochar from rice hulls/ coconut husk/ coffee grounds/ wood- don’t have much NPK, but make a great home for nutrient loaded microbes. Algae/ poultry manure/ biosolids- nitrogen and extractable inorganic nutrients including P, K, Ca that provide direct nutrient benefits to soils and thereby to crop productivity, and will be particularly useful for application on acidic soils. 

How to use biochar in your grow.  Build A Soil Char

No more than 10%. Inoculate it first or it will suck nutrients. Goes great with earthworm castings and composts & RECHARGE.

More, friends watching the grow stories

Nelsonpratt Had to leave town due to a family emergency. My step son was in charge of curing 2 lbs of nuggs I had just buckled from the stems. When I came back, the buds were all molded. Still a little mad about that. When it comes down to it, I should have known he would fuck it up

How do we get out entry to the cup? 

Catapultclones I just double vac seal jars and put them in checked luggage. I’ve had tsa go through and leave their card in there and not confiscate. Clones I just carry on. Hell I’ve carried on over a qp before and no one said anything. And of course mail is always easy as well.

Homegrown_chefMail it to wherever you’re staying


Noah NMy friends are getting into our 30’s and I’m working with more coworkers in their 40’s, at some point it seems that people just can’t smoke weed like they used to without getting paranoid. Me and my wife still smoke every day and don’t have that issue, but I’ve heard from many family members and coworkers that they hit some point in their mid 30’s and all of a sudden weed doesn’t do it for them like it used to and they just get paranoid anxiety when they smoke. You guys ever see stuff like that with people as they get older? I’m not sure if it’s a known phenomenon or something you guys have noticed. On the opposite side we’ve been hearing about Scotty’s stepmom just hopping on the weed train in her later years and she seems to love it. 

SPINsemilla Yea it happened to me. I quit for a few years because I was working so much and family and did not have the time. When I started back up again I was having issues with anxiety and thinking negative thoughts. I learned that less is more. I take a hit or two and that’s it. No more sessions no more smoking fat joints to the head. Just a few times every couple of hours and worked my tolerance back up,but still only get a nice buzz and not ripped. Also mixing CBD helps

Noah N I had grown a 1:1 and my wife was giving that to her coworkers that had quit smoking and they all said it was great for them and didn’t get them all that paranoid like they remembered. I was smoking it too and still felling pretty high so I would agree that something about the extra CBD helps with that.

Crawdaddy Im 53 & could out smoke the 25 year old me 100%  & why didnt we have CHS or whatever they call it in the 80’s & 90’s. It sure ain’t because the weed is better!

Jennifer Holston Cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome is an allergic reaction. I see it fairly often working in the ER. No cure. Stay hydrated and maybe try a different way to consume or a different strain. It’s not an allergy Benadryl will help. It’s your body reacting to the medicine, just as it would be if you had an allergy to penicillin. Some people find relief just in moderation. Over doing about anything isn’t usually a good idea.




Is that a leopard at the dinner table? 

Lil Wayne and the VP?

Joey from Friends and Incredibles? How do they not get sued? 

Could this really work? Semi gets stuck

Road Predator

Spider excavator

Last one’s for the dude over60mtb

techno viking


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