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How do you handle PM in the grow? Let’s talk a little IPM. best practices to keep the funk out of your grow. Cool tech like UV-C, Ozone, Filtration, etc. From quarantine to UV lights, what can we do to keep our grows clean? What is PM?

Its a fungi that can cause powdery mildew in Cannabis specifiacally  Golovinomyces ambrosiae and Podosphaera macularis. PM Image 

 Let’s talk PM  (good intro article to how PM functions also)

Is Powdery Mildew Systemic? 

Test Kit

Awesome article Powdery Mildew is not Systemic

Let’s talk some IPM basics. Ways PM gets in.

Cultural Practices/ clone sharing/ clothes/ shoes/Nutrients

Spores in the Air.

In soil. PM spores can overwinter in soil

Quarantine – setting up a separate space for new clones

After infection PM takes 7-10 days to show symptoms.

Separate tent?

Where? How to avoid cross contamination

How much is a 2×4 AC Infinity Set Up??

How to Prevent Mold Infestations in Cannabis Grow Rooms

Nutrient Inputs/Sprays

ATAK Optic   Copper Sulfate, safe for  flower

Lost Coast Plant Therapy Safe for flower uses Citric Acid is organic, plant derived (from Cassava root), food grade. ACTION: Adjusts pH of plant surface. Preservative. This ingredient makes the pH of the plant inhospitable for powdery mildew and eliminates spores on contact due to its anti-fungal properties.

PM doesn’t like Silica leaves scanned with electron micrographs that had been SI sprayed showed fungal hyphae did not take hold. Also helped plant with SI applied to root zone

Don’t over use Nitrogen, because more succulent tissue is more susceptible to infection.

Sulfur  Sulfur Spray  not for flowering   

Sulphur Burner not for after day 21 flowering 

Sulfur Vaporizers (Burners) are the best overall remedy to the powdery mildew problem. It is what commercial greenhouses use for a very good reason – it works. Sulfur changes the pH on the leaf surface, making it unhospitable for plant growth. If you want the “final solution” to an infestation, than use a burner. They smell something awful (Sulfur is not safe to inhale.

Use a Digital Timer in conjunction with our Sulfur Burner and your exhaust/inline fan(s); this will manage the Sulfur application and prevent exhaust fans from turning on while the Sulfur is being applied. Hooking the burner up to a timer is critical. We also recommend having the

exhaust fan hooked up to another timer (turning on after the Sulfur burner has been turned off) to vent the room.

Application Instructions:

Perform all Vaporization of sulfur at night. 

For best results make sure to follow these instructions closely:

For preventative use turn on the unit for 4-5 hours 2 times per week.

For active infestation turn on the unit 4-5 hours 4 times per week. Can use up to 6-8 hours a night for severe infestations.

Sulfur Candle?

Bicarbonate Changes leaf surface pH PM can’t survive pH above 8. spraying your plants with bicarbonate dissolved in water might be effective against powdery mildew, but you should avoid it during flowering if you don’t want visible remains to build up.

DGC 420 Rollingstoned Checking Out Air Filters

Airo Home/Hobby Grow

How ProGuard air purifiers work…


Nighttime Application of UV-C to Control Cucumber Powdery Mildew

Clean Light

Ozone  Ozone generator Google search results  –  ozone generator info


Cannabis marketing has come a long way.

Cannabis womens ad

Vons Receipt for discount CBD

Good Weed

Penny pre roll billboard

MI State flower

Lake and Bake


Jackdawfool At 12 mins Scott’s talking about cleaning the genetics which is done with tissue culture. Back crossing is about bring back a characteristic that was lost from one of the grandparents, for example you made a blueberry x gas and started and IBL f1,f2 but over time you lost too many of the blueberry terps and so breed back that terp with one of its grandparents and try and stabilize that trait that you lost.

Primal_Primat3 – To this day I still chuckle at the idea of trying to tell home growers they cant/wont be allowed to grow. Like have people not been paying attention? People can and will continue to grow no matter what anyone has to say about it. People ran 1000 plant grows when 100 got you life, you think they will be scared of the consequences in a semi legal enviroment lol? Weed growers are a unique animal in that aspect, we dont mind getting down and dirty. Truth be told Its how most of us older head where raised, and preffer it tbh.Like threatening to throw water on a fish. I didnt know legal cannabis till I was an old man and by then i was already an outlaw….

comfortablynumb9342 Sure I’d love to buy a 5×5 and an HVAC system and all that stuff, but I don’t have the room or the money. And with 35 percent humidity I’m worried about the plant I’m about to harvest and dry. Hopefully it won’t dry so fast that it tastes bad.



Is this football kicker for real?

When you’re stuck in a jam and just can’t seem to get unstuck. Until you decide to just move forward!

Rescued Bat enjoys a banana


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