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What’s Growing On DGC? The Dude and Scotty are Hanging Out Talking Cannabis News, Culture and Growing.


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Now Cannabis is so positively portrayed online and in the media. Who’s behind it?  And Why?

Dank Weed Tees!

Who Cares! Let’s celebrate cannabis being the darling of the media!

Grambo Google: Cannabis Medicine

Big Change! Remember- the propaganda?

Best/ worst drug propaganda commercials from back in the day

This is the most famous one right? This is your brain on drugs – egg

Talking dog anti weed ad

Boston Guy talking dog- Zebra Corner

Mcgruff – Don’t use drugs song (let the next one play, It’s crime stopper granny, then the most 80’s ad ever (see how long you can go before you have to turn it off)

Just say no: Perhaps the stupidest campaign ever produced

Flat girl on the couch

“I learned it by watching you!” PSA – 80s

I learned it from watching you! Zebra Corner

Cannnabliss – I’ve been growing for a year now. I used Grow Dots for the last grow of 23 plants and just harvested this past week. I used coco peat, perlite, Grow Dots and Recharge. The best harvest yet. They did everything Scotty said they’ll do. Hats off to Real Growers!! I will only use them from now on. Saves so much time for us growers on a time budget.

Wanna see how I show my daughter what drugs suck:

crack is an easy one

Meth anyone?

Drunk people suck to hang out with

Meth, Heroin, Alcohol, Weed Meme

But there’s still people who profit off addiction – cannabis carts  laced with PCP, and all the bad propaganda?

What do you think is responsible for the 180 degree change? The quality of cannabis. The color of the people profiting off it. Way better communication via social media, to tell all your friends. Every living generation has some experience with it. Grammom went to Woodstock! The potential $ revenue from this new industry. Whatever it is, I’ll go with it. I would have never predicted Shrooms being legal though…

Google “psychedelic therapy”

Neuroscientist describes his mushroom trip


I’m reading a book called Filterworld by Kyle Chayka, about how algorithms can direct our lives and how we feel, via what we see. Scary how they can tweak the algorithm to tweak the public consensus. Currently, the algorithm loves weed and Shrooms. Why? Cannabis is a growth industry. Canna businesses will buy lots of advertising. Shrooms are a powerful tool that help a lot of people. Both are shippable, and allow for a lot of players in the market. They sure were demonizing the smartphone really badly. I can’t agree. It’s made my life so much better: Free access to every song ever made (and high quality personal listening via bluetooth). Free tv channels and access to thousands of other peoples free tv channels. The answer to any question you can imagine. All you have to do is be curious enough to ask, then be savvy enough to find the one that’s actually true. Access to so much positive people, knowledge and information. It’s up to us to seek the good stuff out and tweak our own algorithm. The point of the book is that they can arrange the algorithm to favor whoever/ whatever they want. Thankfully the algorithm loves weed! The algorithm loves big pharma too!

Soil Life Summit


MikeLockheart – As far as dispensaries, Colorado was the first state to go rec legal, and from 2013-2019 most of the bud on the top shelf there at 80% of dispensaries was 9 out of 10 quality weed, the smeels were EXPLOSIVE, the flavor was AMAZING, sweet.. and the high was intense. It is not that way anymore, in 2023 I got nothing but trash, low quality weed with microseeds, bad taste, weird flavor, horrible high. It was the most depressing thing ever that you can’t go into a dispensary and get top quality bud anymore, THE ONLY WAY TO GET GOOD BUD IS TO GROW YOURSELF. Very sad.

Scottietimmons3322 – West Kentucky.. I’m looking at time for 8 plants. Been in court for over a year. Waiting on legalization.

Av8rdoug824 – kinda new to this channel. content seems ok. but my god, if that scotty would stop interrupting every sentence, i could hold the train of thought

GregDunne – Great listening to you guys! One thing I have never heard anyone talk about is grafting, nor would I bother indoors. But I’ve played around outside, and it can be great for small strains.

How To Graft Cannabis And Grow Multiple Strains On 1 Plant


You’re a pothead  Posted by Paddy O’Toker

Sometimes…  Posted by Thundarr the Budbarian

Feel your feelings (Grambo, this girl is your type) 

Take this awareness test on weed! 

How about this one

Anyone so trendy they’ve switched from Yeti to Stanley?

Stanley weed travel cup

We need to do a stoner version of this video: three stereotypical Italian men argue over a pizza on live television. 

I wonder how this marriage turned out?

I feel like we need to make friends with this guy: Safer Arizona

These are the filters we grew up with

Wanna see how RealBuckets are made?



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