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What’s Growing On DGC? The Dude and Scotty are Hanging Out Talking Cannabis News, Culture and Growing.


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Growing has come so far since we started! So much has changed! From using old streetlights to the world’s most advanced LED tech. From bag seed to Mac1. From 5 year minimum mandatories for 99 plants to the backpack days of selling it to the store and walking out with cash. From $400 ounces you needed the hookup to get to $92 ounces sold at the store and advertised in the newspaper. Shit the weed ads are keeping some newspapers alive! Let’s celebrate the progress we’ve made as growers of the sticky nugs! When was the first time you saw a cannabis grow and what was it like?

Scotty1991 in College. My  dealer stole an hps light from a car dealership and had maybe a dozen plants in a closet. Classic strains: NL #5, Durban Poison, Afgani, Skunk #1. He went to jail for 5 years for getting caught selling/ growing. G13 was our big moneymaker in the early 90s.

DudeCan I call my 100w compact fluorescent a grow? Scotty’s would have been the first real grow. Actually saw one In Missouri, back then I didn’t really want to see peeps grow in case they got busted… Remember the equipment? Remember the first grow lights?

Who hasn’t started with a CFL grow?


First HPS lights and the grow wing?

How inefficient! Remember taking a day just to clean the glass?

HID Ballasts

Blurple LED phase (Who owned one?)

Light Ray Diffuser

Remember The Old Grow Systems:

Old school: DWC Buckets

New school: Alien Hydroponics V-System 20 Pot RDWC Hydroponic System

Anyone ever have a waterfarm system?

Waterfarm cutout (Old school)

RealBuckets (New School) 

Rotary Garden?

Nutrients were the biggest blind spot!

Cheers to the OG: GH 3 Part Flora series:

GH 3 part Flora Series back then

Honest no BS description of what it does

GH 3 Part Flora Series now – not too much added BS.

Other gimmick lines showed up mostly to take advantage of our ignorance and sell us dreams!

Advanced Nutrients – how many products did they want you to use?

Bud Candy $63 a gallon on Amazon

Bud Candy ingredients

More like “Advanced Marketing”

The guys that are still relevant are the guys that offered real value. Shoutout to RealGrowers Recharge. Advanced nutrients – Voodoo Juice (bacteria), Bud Candy (Mag Nitrate), Piranha (Fungi), Tarantula (bacteria), Ancient Earth (Humic), B52 (Humic, fulvic, aminos, kelp). Sterile Root zone! Microbes were not a thing in hydro for a long time! When was the first time you guys heard of soil microbes? Earthworm castings/ Compost teas. Mycor-what?


People have been smoking cannabis for millennia.

20 Vintage photos that prove cannabis was more popular than you thought

The First Evidence of Smoking Pot Was Found in a 2,500-Year-Old Pot

10 animals that love being high

From Schedule 1 (No medical use) to being accepted as a medicine from ¾ of the country

Pharma Industry Showing ‘Growing Interest’ in Cannabis as M&A Activity Increases

GOP Congressman Worries That Moving Marijuana To Schedule III Could ‘Allow Big Pharma To Control It’

From Hot Knives to Live Rosin and BHO. Awesome live panel Monday!  Thanks to Hot Rod, Matt and JR Tokin.

Is it Legal to Manufacture Marijuana Concentrates?

Texas Penalties!!


Gravity bongs:

Great classic water jug gravity bong

Weirdest gravity bong:

MikeLockhearmy friend once turned an entire Coleman ice cooler into a gravity bong, with the dirty used melted ice water, soggy chips and debris floating all around in it.

Grizz_grows420 – I remember choking myself with the Gravity Bong in the bathtub 🛁! ☠️ 😂

Brucebehner –  As a kid, gravity bongs were how we “dabbed”

Gravity Bong wikipedia page

Fancy gravity bong

Very fancy and well engineered gravity bong: Stundenglass

Terppy707 I had a cupsy at the DGC last year!!!! It’s the best way!! Water filter all your hits… way better for lungs…. Just bring a towel and some water and ISO.. With 75 entries it will need to be cleaned. The Cupsy

Tony I used to snowboard on edibles. Perfect duration for a session on the mountain.

On growing cannabinoids in a lab:

BartholomewFarmsScotty that how they make synthetic insulin…reprogram ecoli to make insulin…kept me alive since 1989! 

2 for 1 from BartholomeFarms:

BartholomewFarmsAnd one more thought, I love bud I love bbq, I love competitions. Why can we merge both bbq competitions and cannabis growing competitions…somehow I think…


Levi’s CEO explains why you should never wash your jeans 

Going ‘California Sober’ May Be Bad for Your Heart

The media wonders why no one respects them anymore? There’s 50 versions of this story, probably all written by ai.

I didn’t know they still made cannabis drug tests!


Who else gets baked af before going to the grocery store?

Best baked at the grocery store meme

Astronaut baked meme

Forget the milk high or not



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