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What’s Growing On DGC? The Dude and Scotty are Hanging Out Talking Cannabis News, Culture and Growing.


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Is CO2 a waste of money? Does it bring better quality. Inspired by JR getting 2lbs per light no CO2. There’s been a lot of talk lately about CO2. When yields were important co2 was a big deal. Now that lots of us are trichome farmers, Rosin Yield is important. Does CO2 bring more trichomes or more biomass? More biomass can mean more buds or bigger buds or more dense buds. CO2 is expensive? But not as expensive as 250% more light and AC. When do you lower CO2 in flower?

AC Infinity CO2 Controller

CO2 is the best bang for the buck to increase photosynthesis and highly effective even with 400PPFD of light.

Increasing Cannabis Growth With CO2

CO2 is the yield limiting factor. Don’t bother running light over 400ppfd of light if you don’t run CO2! With no added CO2: there’s less than 5% increase in photosynthesis between 400 and 1000 ppfd. The light energy has stimulated lots of hungry, open mouths, but there’s no food to eat. Less than 5% difference for 250% more light/ cooling. 1000 PPFD OF LIGHT IS EXPENSIVE. 400 ppfd with 1400 ppm of CO2 gives a 55% photosynthetic boost. 1400 PPM of CO2 IS A LOT LESS EXPENSIVE THAN 1000 PPFD of LIGHT & A/C.

Temperature is a big deal when using co2

You’ll hear people talk about running veg rooms a little warmer with CO2. 77 F is good (but hot and humid is what cannabis like in veg/so do the bugs). Max CO2 benefit is in the mid 90F, so it’s not practical.

Shoutout to ScottyReal420 YT channel I’m working on some short form content over there and just made one about propane/NG burners and why they mess up a lot of gardens.

Propane is odorless and that’s dangerous for leaks.

They add a chemical called ethyl mercaptan to make it smell.

When ethyl mercaptan is combusted it makes carbon dioxide (CO2), water vapor (H2O), and sulfur dioxide (SO2). Sulfur dioxide can indeed harm plants, particularly in controlled environments like growth chambers where air exchange is limited. Exposure to sulfur dioxide can cause leaf injury, including bleaching or necrosis of leaf tissue, reduced photosynthesis, and overall plant stress, leading to stunted growth or even plant death in severe cases. This is because SO2 can dissolve in the water film on leaf surfaces to form sulfurous acid, which is harmful to the plant tissue. Carbon filters fix the problem by capturing the sulfur and not the CO2.


Steve DeAngelo now in my feedMarijuana reform advocates demand an apology from Kamala Harris for locking up pot smokers and slam her ‘political hypocrisy’ for now saying no one should ‘go to jail for smoking weed!’


On proper drying:

herbertwerner2287 In my 3 x 3 I have total control over moisture. Plants get chopped and hung upside down. All buckets removed. Drip pans with water on the bottom of the tent serve to add or remove moisture as needed which is always at 62 percent but 63 is maybe better. Exhaust at lowest setting. Takes mine 12 to 14 days to dry and boom-stick done and jared. No fancy nothing here whether you’re growing or drying, nothing fancy is needed. Simple is best.


FASHIONEDbyFINESSE Anyone here already using it on their crops? I recommend those two.

Top 10 Homemade Liquid Fertilizers || DIY Plant Food That Will Transform Your Garden

Electroculture Gardening: What It Is, How It Works, and Potential Benefits

Electroculture – rediscovered science or same old CRAP?

odanecarpenter1048 Hey man I’m a new grower I’ve been following your show for a while now like the content a lot and what I want to know is which seed bank would be the best one for me to ship to outside of the country, help me out man.

Fancytater22 Most of us are chained to seed banks anyway. I don’t have space for clones.

Clones/ solo cups are a perfect place for a micro-grow. Clone the day you flip under lower light. Hold them for 3 weeks in the bubble cloner. 2-3 weeks in the solo cup. 2-3 weeks in a 1 gallon. Trim and shape them. Give them 100- 150 PPFD of light MAX.


So it’s OK to do drugs at work now?

USDA Approves Genetically Modified Hemp That Produces No THC Or CBD



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