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DIY CO2 Generator Hits 700 ppm

I wa as curious browsing the articles and how expensive Co2 was….I have always made my own but never measured just saw the results and was good with it. Borrowed a Co2 measuring unit from a buddy, 750 was the high point in 24 hours. Not the 1000 and 2000 I see guys pushing but definitely has boosted my little tent grow.

I use a yeast reactor and do a CO2 “bomb” every am for the ladies breakfast.

Make a yeast CO2 reactor 2 bottle set up pics and plans all over the internet.

CO2 bomb

1 teaspoon baking soda and 3 cups vinegar

Wrap teaspoon of baking soda in half paper towel drop into your reactor quickly and I mean quickly get lid on and spray plantz,each charge is in the area.of 1 lb of Co2 I believe I do 2 daily.


I took and supersized the standard internet recipe and.after playing with it a couple years have settled on one that works for me.

Add 3 packets of dry active yeast,for a fast start (2 min) dissolve yeast in hot water (1 cup) non chlorinated,(Hot being relative 80 to 90 degrees or so ) 3 cups sugar dissolved separately in warm water (10 cups) I get unit ready set reactor tubing on box fan over plants like Dude shows in his videos. Add sugar water,add yeast I give a gentle rolling mix,violent shaking might get you covered in yeast water…I  within 30 seconds see the bubble start in second bottle, I add a 1/4  piece of bread to help feed yeast colony and keep it alive. Add a little sugar if it slows down,I shake it every morning like a one second shake when watering. Completely lit one day I counted the bubbles lol, I get around 2 to 3  bubbles a second a steady stream and when I shake it daily you can hear the hiss of Co2 rather strongly. Any questions or ways I can hop this up more let me know! Always learning…..


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  1. highhog_og


  2. dankmachine007 Avatar

    More pictures please. I’ve been wanting to add Co2 to my room but budget isn’t allowing it

  3. dankmachine007 Avatar

    Very interesting set up tho.

  4. AZKushman Avatar

    Easy to build… I bought a gallon jug of distilled water with threaded cap not push on,walmart has them…($1) and a smart water bottle the one liter size,its a thick sturdy bottle with a tough tight fitting cap ($1.50) In the aquarium section 20′ of airline tubing 1/4″
    To seal around the tubing I got a fast setting bathroom caulking..set in 10 minutes ($6)

    I used an 1/8″ drill bit to drill one hole in the cap of the one gallon and 2 holes in the cap of the smart bottle container ,I cut a foot and a half length of airline tubing,if you cut at an angle it makes it easier to shove the ends through the cap holes….I cut a second section about 4 ft long this will be the end going to either fan or plant stake so it can be however long you need…I shove the short section end through the top of the one gallon and the other end into the top of one of the smart cap holes…doesnt matter which…I then take my long section and shove it into the remaining smart cap hole…I then take my silicone or fast setting caulking and neatly.go around each tube where it meets the cap top and inside the cap..DO NOT get whatever you are using on the threads…let it sit until sealant is cured…stuff I got sealed in 10 minutes..I fill the little bottle half way with water and its finished just add the yeast and sugar water to the gallon side….the recipe for the concoction is above…cool thing is you should have enough tubing left for 2 more reactors and it’s pretty fast after the first one

    1. Fatman Avatar

      Ok. I missed something. Built it. No air leaks. Water 89. Flowed to the T. No bubbles after 10 min. Banging head against wall

      1. Trae From OK Avatar

        i built a c02 bucket like this out of a 5 gal bucket, same ingredients, added an air pump to push air into the mix, (very small one) it helps push the c02 into my fan. have it setup on a short cycle timer, 15 minutes every hour. keeps my large grow room at around 700-800, if i want higher readings i adjust time accordingly.. it will be different for each setup. just gotta monitor and record for future reference.

  5. FatmansFatbuds Avatar

    How long does that one mix last? And with the last hose, can I just run it through top hole in the tent? The co2 goes down so I figured that’s the best place for it. Great pic to Btw

  6. AZ...Kushman Avatar

    I found that mix to last 4 to 5 days and if I added like 2 tablespoons of sugar a day I could get 10 days or so…easy to clean dump mix in toilet new batch in….I did Co2 Bombs as well for awhile,.clean your set up out and add 2 cups of vinegar to big jug, and put a tablespoon of baking soda fold up paper towel small enough to fit in mix jug….Drop wadded towel in to big jug and quickly I mean quickly put the cap on….3 to 5.charges get you a fast 1000 co2

  7. FatmansFatbuds Avatar

    Can I run the hose through the top hole on the tent? How often do I need to do this?

  8. FatmansFatbuds Avatar

    Didn’t see reply. My bad. Appreciate ya. Do I cut off the fans while I co2 bomb?

  9. AZ...Kushman Avatar

    I would cut the fans for about 5 mins then blow from bottom up , ya you can put discharge hose from little bottle anywhere.

  10. FatmansFatbuds Avatar

    Appreciated friend. I’ll be trying tomorrow.

  11. Fatman Avatar

    Not getting any reaction. How long does it take to bubble?

  12. Fatman Avatar

    Started again. Same result so im watching for bubbles.smells like jail whiskey lol

  13. Fatman Avatar

    Ive Got Bubbles!!

  14. Nuggosaurus Avatar

    I used a bubbler found at the local home brewing store. Just insert in top of large jug, and the second smaller bottle is not necessary. Then you can see the bubbles going through the bubbler into your room. They are about $3 with rubber stopper.

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