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DIY Vape Cart

As you know home growers eventually end up with a surplus of trim and hash. I decided to start pressing and found that I don’t like smoking dab. So I had a shit load of concentrate. So I found a video from 760 glass about making my own carts. I freaking have not stopped making carts for my family since. The kit they offer is cheap and comes with everything you need to have a cart within an hour of receiving even a battery, everything. Anyway, I freaking love this show keep it up. Makes me feel like I’m hanging out with you guys.


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  1. TheDanishDankman Avatar

    Nice I have been interested in making my own carts for awhile now. Are you using any liquidizers to get the viscosity of the liquid right? That has been what has been holding me back as I would like to not have to use any liquids that I don’t know where comes from or how its been made. I was wondering if there was a way to get to the right viscosity without a liquidizer?

  2. TheDanishDankman Avatar

    Also I don’t know if you are using the plastic syringe that comes with the set that I’m looking at but I would maybe be mindful of that and replace it with a glass syringe in the same size to eliminate and chance of you liquid leeching any contaminant from the plastic syringe! Just a thought

    1. Twisted roots Avatar

      I use a esential oil warmer to heat the vile .it de carbs and gets it to the right temperature to thin it. It takes about 4 to 5 drops of juice per g

  3. Twisted roots Avatar

    The kit comes with a glass syringe.
    It comes with the liquidizer and terps .you only use a couple drops of it. The kit comes with absolutely everything I mean everything. All you need is your own concentrate. It comes with the carts ,battery ,mixing vile , syringe when you get it you will be tokin your own cart within an hour.

  4. TheDanishDankman Avatar

    Awesome, ill have to take a look for sure!

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