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Happy holidays to all the studs and duds! I hope everyone is keeping on budget. So I have asked this question before. Gotten absolutely no response in the positive or the negative. I can’t believe I’m the only person doing this. I can’t believe I’m the only person that would’ve thought of this. So I always wonder if there’s a reason why I should not do this… But I feel like maestro would have pissed on my parade if so.. So I’ve continued to do it when necessary. Let’s say you have overwatered something. Or let’s say you fed the wrong solution.  What you want is for whatever that liquid is to get out. To either make room for clean water or simply just to dry out the pot some. Well I use my wet and dry shop vac. I just put a little insect screen over it. And I suck the holes at the bottom of the pot. This example I really didn’t suck very long. And you can see how much it went down in moisture level. From soggy pants to moist pants. Could’ve went farther from soggy pants to moist panties. Am I crazy or brilliant? Somebody tell me. Because I’m still secretly wondering if there’s something wrong with this. Am I compacting the soil? Or am I bringing fresh air to the soil? Sometimes at the bottom of my pots the holes will get sort of crusty and blocked looking from build ups. This also clears that up. It just seems like a fast way to deal with a problem. What do you people think? Somebody answer me for fucks sake.




7 responses to “DO YOU SUCK? I DO!”

  1. NayHay Avatar

    Sounds good to me. Since I started using a Blumat watering system I needed a shop vac to suck the flooded garden a couple times. I too sucked the pots, so to speak, trying to reduce the excess water. Didn’t work so well on my fabric pots, but with the kind of holes you show (oh my!) I’ll bet you get better suction/water/air passing through. I don’t imagine your vac is strong enough to compact soil, especially with all the perlite.

    If you can move the needle of your moisture meter then I think it’s definitely a good thing when you overwater.

  2. Sunnyinbectopia Avatar

    I did show my brown hole……. But cool, I’m not crazy

  3. New Leaf Avatar

    I use the same 3 way meter. I think they work best if they are not left in the pot. Whenever I take a reading, it’s right after I stick it in the soil. Sometimes I wait like 30 seconds then gather a reading. And I usually stab it around the pot, looking for dry or wet spots. I love the long prongs. It’s crazy that I see super expensive soil meters that are only like a couple inches long.

  4. Desertdude317 Avatar

    I left my 3 way meter in my brown hole too long.

    1. BarelyBurningBurleyBurnHardt Avatar

      If the brown hole you are talking about is in the dirt I did the same thing and it corroded the probes.

  5. Sunnyinbectopia Avatar

    Yeah, I never leave it in. I take good care of my equipment so I don’t have to replace it.

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