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Does anyone know about Grow with Grease?

Hello DGC! Does anyone have any experience with the Grease line of products? I have been having a hard time finding any reviews or information aside from their website. The science if accurate is impressive. Would love others take on it. Growers Love! Thanks!

Bryan Green Ogre Farms From the Beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.


3 responses to “Does anyone know about Grow with Grease?”

  1. Sunnyinbectopia Avatar

    Never herd of it. Expensive?

  2. Green Ogre Farms Avatar

    @Sunnyinbectopia yes, it is rather which is why I am trying to learn more about the science behind it. They are in Colorado and also have a pretty nifty Bison shit product for making teas.

  3. Antonio Stewart Avatar

    they were at the cup in 22 they were giving out samples, hard to tell if the actual science is working as i have no way to test those factors. they were giving out the gold label. it is very expensive seeing as how its 99% water and alcohol, its only 1% cannabinoid extracts. however when i was using it it did look like it was making a difference. i just cant justify the high price for water and alcohol

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