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Does UV/IR Supplemental Lights Help with Hardening

Hey all,

I have been blessed with the ability to grow 36 plants (18 on my medical card and 18 as a caregiver (72 if my wife gets her medical and caregiver card)), 12 mature and 24 immature. I am running 24 to keep within plant count limits.  12 female autos and 12 female photos. The plants were started in an ACI germination kit. The autos have been transplanted into 3-gallon pots, and the photos into solo cups.  They live in my 4×4 while the weather warms up more in VT. It is supposed to be in the low 60s with rain for the next 10 days. I want to start hardening my plants. Would adding IR/UV lights in my tent start hardening the plants for outside life?

Side note…I am on week 6 flower running only Grow Dots and Recharge in 1yr old pre-used Fox Farm Happy Frog/Ocean Forrest. Three of the ladies are I.C.E and one White Widow.

Thank you for all you do for the community!

Chonky Nugz



3 responses to “Does UV/IR Supplemental Lights Help with Hardening”

  1. J Mystro Avatar

    They could help a little but hardening off plants to go outside isn’t hard. Most can go out directly into a shaded area for the first 3-4 days without issue. Just try to match the indoor conditions with the outdoor conditions for a week before bringing them outside in to a shaded area and then slowly give them full sun after about a week.

  2. PacNW Dan Avatar

    It won’t likely make any difference. Really, hardening off is more about sunlight intensity than actual spectrum.

    Some cultivars can have trouble adjusting from indoor to sudden sunlight so it’s best to keep them in “partial sun” with shade mixed in for the first few days. I would think that would be sufficient; You wouldn’t utilize UV in veg anyway. UV is intended to stress the plant into producing more (UV-protectant) trichomes so it’s primarily useful during certain weeks of flower. IR helps the plant better flip between day and night throughout the grow cycle but doesn’t in itself have anything to do with hardening off.

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