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Drug test prep

Hello again DGC,

I’m looking for some of the best ways to clean out my system for an up coming drug test. The backstory to this is that I’m applying for a higher position in a Texas city government. I’m planning to stop smoking to be super safe and take no chances with this massive career move. What does the great DGC hive mind know to help speed up this process? I know the basics of burning fat to release stored THC metabolites, so I’m asking more for aids not a masking agent.


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  1. J Mystro Avatar

    A very good friend of mine is a pharmacologist. He was taught in school how drug tests work (and how to defeat them). He tokes daily without any fear of random testing. He’s passed every one. To naturally get the cannabis metabolites out of your system takes time (depending on use). It takes someone like me 3 months to get clean while the average smoker takes about a month. Exercise and hydration are the best way naturally. Urine tests are looking for cannabis metabolites and creatinine levels. Drinking a bunch of water will cause you to piss clean with no cannabis metabolites but your creatinine levels will be low. Low creatinine levels in urine drug tests mean you’ve diluted the urine with too much water. This will cause you to fail. All you need to do to pass a test in a few hours is drink as much water as you can a few hours before. Then about an hour or so before you test, you’ll take a large dose of creatine powder. This will cause your creatinine levels to look normal during the test.

    1. 903GrowsIt Avatar

      Thanks for the info Mystro! I’ll have to test that out as my system starts clearing up to see the earliest I’ll be able to pass a home test.

  2. Richard Horton Avatar

    I agree with Mystro. I’ve passed and failed many, and the only times I’ve passed them was the natural method. And didn’t stop toking.
    Congratulations on the move up.

    1. 903GrowsIt Avatar

      Thank you, Rich! I’m planning on making more seeds this cycle instead of growing out some sinsemilla. The last couple of grows where I grew seeds was very eye-opening, it’s nice to see those girls produce the next generation sometimes. Soup has been a great source of encouragement for my seed adventures, so I might as well try my hand at making something I like instead of simply preserving landrace genetics.

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